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Ever evolving legal standards and cultural expectations require that accessibility for disabled or mobility-challenged individuals is commonplace in all public spaces, and for this reason, many businesses are installing handicap door openers at the entrances of their commercial premises. What are handicap door openers? Handicap door openers are electronic devices that power an automatic door, causing it to open without the
Businesses nowadays have to protect their assets against a wide variety of threats. From protecting their IP against copyright, their data against fraud and their properties against theft and vandalism, they are under greater pressure than ever before. To this end, investing in a commercial electronic door lock system can be a huge weight off their mind. What is a
Automatic doors are an age-old revolution that simplify access, improve convenience and can deliver excellent cost efficiencies on heating and ventilating publicly accessed buildings. However, there are various accessories that can make automatic doors fitted in commercial properties even more versatile and effective. Here is a look at five of the best options. 1. Motion sensors Motion sensors remove the
If you are locked out of your car, home or workplace; buying a new home; or upgrading your security measures, you will need to seek the best locksmith services in Toronto to ensure that the job is carried out swiftly, efficiently and to the highest standards. Here’s what you need to know about how to select an appropriate commercial locksmith
Break-ins at a residential property are unnerving and intrusive. Ultimately, while the emotional trauma may be great, personal possessions can usually be replaced. For businesses, in contrast, a break-in can have far-ranging repercussions as not only might assets and money be taken, but sensitive data could be lost or leaked, reputations can be impacted, prolonged closures and financial penalties can
The physical infrastructure of a commercial building can have a dramatic effect on its productivity and efficiency. Commercial buildings which are easily accessible, enabled by the installation of automatic doors, provide a warm and welcoming first impression, minimize the spread of germs, allow businesses to comply with regulatory and anti-discrimination requirements and can improve foot traffic flow. Why automatic doors
In an era where business security is paramount, electronic locks stand out as a cornerstone of innovative protection strategies. Here is a look at the top lock solutions that are revolutionizing how businesses safeguard their properties. By offering a blend of advanced access control and seamless integration, these lock systems not only enhance security but also streamline operations, making them
In a landscape where business security is a top priority, selecting the right commercial locksmith service becomes crucial. Here is a look at seven key traits that distinguish the best commercial lock services so you can ensure unparalleled security for your business. Each characteristic is a fundamental aspect of a reliable security framework, designed to protect against threats and enhance
Technology is reshaping the way in which we live, so it comes as little surprise that even the way in which we secure and control access to our businesses is being revolutionized by technological advancements. Traditional lock and key systems are being gradually phased out and replaced by sophisticated electronic locksets that will shape the future of physical security. Benefits
The public are familiar with the risks associated with stepping out of their homes, such as terrorism and unpredictable weather events, highlighting the presence of hazards in public areas. As a result, many building managers are implementing robust security arrangements to protect their visitors. Implementing stringent security measures carries a significant risk, namely the potential for unintentional discrimination. By making

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