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Every business owner understands the importance of keeping costs down while maximizing profits. Energy is one of the most expensive outgoings. So it’s high time companies recognize that automatic doors are more than just a nice-looking convenience: automatic door operators for commercial buildings can save your business a lot of money. You probably associate automatic doors with major department stores, airports and public institutions, but even the most modest premises such as
Burglars and vandals can target any commercial business. One group does it for money, while the other does it out of anger or to get their kicks. What they have in common is a disregard for your property which means they don’t care how much damage they cause. Although a determined intruder will always try to find the easiest way
From factories to offices, schools and universities to infrastructure, government facilities and healthcare, security is critical. High-security locks are an essential part of that security. There are many reasons why these have set the global standard for institutions and enterprises of every kind. Here we look at just five of their main advantages. Intruder Resistance This is the primary concern
For most of us, locksmiths are an unofficial emergency service. Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, we never give them a thought until we hit a minor or major crisis. We get locked out of our house or car, we lose our keys, we suffer a break-in. To get us in or secure the premises: these are practically the
As a business owner, you understand the importance of having a high-security lock on every external door. They are also necessary on internal doors which lead to rooms where sensitive data or valuable equipment are stored. However, criminals are adept at breaching security, so the technology of commercial locks is constantly advancing. If you’re concerned that your current arrangements may
We hear so much about the need to keep data safe that the security of commercial premises is often over-looked. Whether you run a shop, office, workshop or warehouse, it’s essential to preserve the integrity of your property. Technological security measures such as CCTV, sensors and alarm systems are invaluable but blocking physical access comes down to strong doors and
If your business premises are fitted with automatic doors then you already know what a valuable asset they are. Whether you operate from a store, offices, a warehouse or a mixture of all three, they perform the vital dual role of permitting convenient access while enforcing your security. But what happens when they malfunction? There are two nightmare scenarios. One
It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of warehouse security. More than offices and shops, warehouses will always be prime targets for criminals looking for a profitable haul with a minimal chance of being challenged. By its very appearance, a warehouse is advertising the presence of high value goods in large quantities. For that reason, most warehouse owners will invest in
Security is one of many essential concerns that exercise the mind of a business owner. It’s important not just to protect your premises outside business hours, but also to protect you, your employees, your assets, and your property during business hours. At Pro Locksmiths, we provide the leading automatic door service in Toronto, so we can offer you all the
Home security is uppermost in the minds of most householders. Where we live is precious to us and our families. When we move into a new home, one of our priorities is to make it safe from intruders. That applies wherever we live, from high crime areas to those that are virtually crime-free. You never know where or when you

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