5 Common Myths about Locksmithing Busted

For most of us, locksmiths are an unofficial emergency service. Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, we never give them a thought until we hit a minor or major crisis. We get locked out of our house or car, we lose our keys, we suffer a break-in. To get us in or secure the premises: these are practically the only times we ever call on these highly skilled professionals. Because we interact with them so rarely, our understanding of what they do and what they don't do is extremely limited and we believe many misconceptions about their trade. It's time to bust of few of these common myths.

1. Locksmiths are for emergencies

This is true, of course, because who else can help you out when you're locked in, locked out, or some intruder has busted your locks? However, this overlooks the wide range of other services that a locksmith in Canada will provide. They can fit new locks and upgrade existing ones. They can install locks where you've never had them before. They can also install access control systems allowing businesses and institutional buildings to manage exactly who can get in and out at any time of the day. In fact, they provide a comprehensive consultation service to assess your current security and suggest vital improvements.

2. All locksmiths are the same

Since most people rarely call on locksmiths, this myth has taken hold. But while some will specialize in emergencies or specific locking systems, others offer a much wider selection of services. Before you call someone out, you should be clear about the solution you're looking for. As the best locksmith in Toronto, we understand that the needs of our customers can vary wildly. An emergency-only service will deal with a temporary crisis, but a more broadly-based operation can fulfil all your security requirements.

3. Locksmiths are expensive

Any professional service costs money. Emergency call-outs, in particular, are charged at a premium, which is understandable, but even then, it's possible to shop around for the most competitive price. If you're planning more extensive work, you should obtain three or four quotes and you may be surprised at the difference between them. Don't assume that there is a standard charge common to all locksmiths because you can keep costs down without compromising on quality.

4. Locksmiths have master keys

There is no such thing as a universal master key, so don't expect locksmiths to have one. They can certainly install a system with unique keys for different locks and a master key for the owner or manager that will open them all, but this is the limit of what they can provide.

5. Every locksmith in Canada is certified

The locksmith industry is not centrally regulated. Every one of our ten provinces and three territories has its own rules. For example, in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec, licensing is compulsory, while in New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan it is optional.

Advice from the best locksmith in Toronto

You must always hire a licensed locksmith who is also a member of a recognized trade body. Always obtain a quote for services and don't hesitate to ask questions before you commit yourself.


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