At Pro Locksmith we work with a range of institutions, from schools and hospitals to retirement homes and other organisations. The security of such places can be complex and we are experts in designing, managing and maintaining sophisticated multi-level access systems. Our knowledgeable team can advise on the best solutions for your institution, allowing safe flow of traffic, along with security for your people.


Manage your Access Needs with Support from our Expert Team

Managing the door systems and security of schools or hospitals is complex and requires specialist support. Our knowledgeable team are experts in the vast number of options and can advise on the best way to maintain accountability without compromising your site’s security. Whether you are a small care home, or a large community college, we can offer your business the security that it needs.
  • Factory-trained, professional technicians who understand the needs of institutions
  • Deal with a dedicated team, from first contact through to maintenance
  • We can support you through a change in key system
  • Trained to perform deficiency checks on liability of AODA compliance, fire and life safety compliance and pest control
  • GPS tracking to maintain real-time scheduling, saving you time


Keep Up To Date with the Latest Technology and Premium Products

Technology is constantly evolving and keeping abreast of what is possible for your building can feel like a full-time job. The experienced team at Pro Locksmith are always on the ball with the latest security options and can talk you through what could work for your institution. If you are looking to upgrade your existing key system, we can assist in managing this for you and finding the most cost-effective solution.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of solutions for your security requirements
  • Experts in touchless or low touch solutions and automatic sliding door systems
  • Suppliers of key management and electronic key systems
  • Advisors on access restrictions using POE (power over ethernet) door access systems
  • Supplying quality hardware from quality brands including Medeco
  • Suppliers of accessible washroom kits


Excellent, Real-Time Communication to Keep you Informed

We understand the complexities of safety and security in institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals and care facilities. From the moment you contact us, we are quick to respond and will keep you up to date on progress. We offer seamless communication – you are dealing with a team assigned to your account, rather than an anonymous call centre. Our professional and reliable technicians can help with all of the following:
  • Automatic doors, including access restrictions
  • Restricted and electronic key systems
  • Quality lock and door hardware
  • Commercial metal and aluminium doors
  • Fire-resistant and burglary rated safes
  • Accessible washroom kits


Pro Locksmiths are an established commercial installer and distributor for a wide range of products and services


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