What is TL-30 & How It Provides Ultimate Safety

In running a commercial or retail operation, you need to know that your stock and money are as secure as possible. This requires an appropriate safe. In this post, we explore whether a TL-30 safe offers better security than a TL-15 safe. What are TL-30 safes? TL-30 safes are high-security safes that are guaranteed to

6 Types of Storefront Doors That Ensure Security (Get Expert Tips too)

Commercial lock services cater to a wide range of clients. When security doors are fitted and maintained by a commercial door service provider, you will benefit from peace of mind and a reduced crime rate. Retail store operators have a responsibility to protect their employees, assets and customers. One way in which they do this

The Role of Biometric Technology in Commercial Door Security

All businesses, whatever sector they operate within, are familiar with the need to implement effective security solutions to safeguard their stock, premises, reputation, intellectual property, finances, and personnel. As technology and its range of uses continue to rapidly expand, new technologies become available, including high-security door locks that feature biometric technology. Let’s explore the role

Improving Business Safety: The Advantages of Professional Locksmith Services

Running a business is expensive. Premises rental, stock and insurance are expensive. So, imagine if you were a victim of crime and then your insurance company refused to foot the bill because it turns out the locks which secured your business premises were unsatisfactory. This scenario would be disastrous for most businesses and for some,

Beyond Traditional Keys: Electronic and Smart High-Security Lock Solutions

Electronic locksets, also known as smart locks, are new and improved advanced locking systems to keep your home or business premises secure. They use electronic components to control access to a door or entryway and either replace physical keys or work in conjunction with them. They provide enhanced security and are particularly suited to establishments

Customized Solutions: Tailoring Commercial Door Hardware to Your Business Needs

At Pro Locksmiths, we understand the need to tailor door hardware to meet your business needs. Commercial areas with high traffic need specially designed hardware that can withstand constant use without giving way or looking worn. We have a wide range of options that have been built with this in mind, so you can find

Why Regular Maintenance is Crucial for Commercial Locks

Commercial locks can, over time, become worn or damaged if they are not properly maintained. A damaged or worn lock can be prone to problems which may be costly to resolve and can impact the security of your business premises. What maintenance do commercial locks need? Lock servicing involves a locksmith checking the function of

6 Advantages of Installing High-Security Locks in Your Retail Store

Your retail store is not only a business, it is your income and your reputation, and it must be protected. The locks that secure the premises shield your stock from theft or vandalism and a commercial locksmith in Canada can ensure that you are using the most appropriate locks for the type, size, and location

How Locksmiths Can Help You Resolve Common Door Lock Problems

Whether at your domestic or commercial premises, a faulty door lock can lead to frustration and lost time and money. The lock that keeps your property secure gives you peace of mind and safeguards your family, stock and belongings, so should it go wrong, it needs to be remedied urgently. A good locksmith in Canada

Benefits of Installing Automatic Doors in Hospitals

A key focus in hospitals and healthcare settings is the need to maintain stringent hygiene standards. This includes regular sanitization of touchpoints and hard surfaces within areas with high levels of footfall, but doing so takes time and costs money. In a sector that is already struggling to recruit for all of its vacancies, many

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