First Things to Do After Someone Breaks into Your Office

Finding your offices have been broken into is going to be a hugely stressful event for any business owner. With the stress, the rational thinking behind getting the essential tasks done can sometimes become unclear. The emotions involved can cloud judgment, leading to you potentially doing things in the wrong order and inadvertently getting in

Automatic Door Maintenance Checklist to Increase its Lifespan

Whilst automatic doors are incredibly common in the majority of commercial properties, they are a considerable investment and should be maintained correctly in order to prolong their useful life. Why are Automatic Doors so popular? When used on a commercial property, automatic doors look welcoming and project an air of professionalism to customers. They also

Auto Door Installation: The Touchless Technology Ruling in our Post-COVID World

After living with Covid-19 for two years, people all over the world have learned a new vocabulary – lateral flow? R number? – and a whole new set of habits. Elbow bumping, social distancing, mask-wearing – these have all become regular features of daily life. And as for brand awareness, finally Pfizer is famous for

5 Common Door Lock Problems You Must Fix

Whether you own or rent, home maintenance is a responsibility that you can’t ignore. Even if it’s just reporting problems to your landlord, it all starts with you. And if you’re a homeowner then it ends with you as well. Most maintenance issues are obvious: faulty heating, leaks, broken lights. But it’s easy to overlook

5 Considerations When Choosing Commercial Door Locks

Choosing the right door locks for any commercial property is a vital part of the security process of the building and requires a good deal of research. Let’s take a look at some of the most salient points you should consider whether you are looking at a commercial electronic door lock system or a more

How Automatic Doors Can Benefit the Healthcare Sector?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, one of the biggest ways in which viruses and other infections spread throughout a group of people is through hand contact. Whilst people have largely stopped shaking hands over the last 18 months, there are a number of touch points on building components such as doors that remain

Automatic vs Manual Door Service – Safety Comparison

The design and function of the entrance to your commercial premises should be about convenience but also safety and security. Choosing between an automatic or a manual door is an important decision, not least because of cost but also because you have a responsibility to visitors on your premises to make every endeavour of ensuring

Pro Locksmith: The Best Locksmith Team in Canada That You can Vouch On

Security is one of the perpetual concerns of Toronto’s residents and businesses. Like any major city, we have our share of the unpredictability of modern life. However, the integrity of our homes and business premises is an area where we are unwilling to compromise. That’s what Pro Locksmiths are here for. We’ve been around since

Revamp Your Outdated Entrance with Automatic Sliding Doors

Bring a touch of modernity to your building by installing new automatic doors in place of your existing doors. The presence of automatic doors can make it easier for customers, staff or visitors to enter, without having to fumble with door handles. The presence of automatic doors gives a premium feel to any entrance, making

Pro Locksmith -One Stop Solution for All Your Commercial Locksmith Needs

The world of commercial locks is far more complicated than you may have initially thought. Commercial locks can encompass almost any lock that you would be able to think of, and a good few more besides. These can include locks to keep people out of apartment buildings, locks within retail buildings that keep everyone but

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