Choosing the Right Automatic Doors for Your Business.

Automatic doors are more or less doors, serving mostly as the point of interaction between the main entry of a building, and the street sidewalk. There are several types of automatic doors, and selecting the right type would be one of those choices you would have to make while constructing, or considering the building for

Why Are Automatic Doors and Entry Systems Vital For Major Cities Like Toronto

Automatic Doors and Its Benefits An automatic door or entry system refers to a door, or access control mechanism which requires limited input from users to gain access into a premise. As the term ‘automatic’ implies, such an entry system provides adequate functionality while measuring up on convenience. Many companies have adopted such entry systems

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock or Key

Let’s discuss how you can lock a door without a lock or key… Doors have kept us safe from thieves, burglars, wild animals, and even the weather since forever, thanks to the keys, and the locks. With keys and locks, we have been able to secure our doors which in turn have secured us and

COVID-19 Update

As of Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, and in accordance with the Province of Ontario List of Essential Services we will continue to provide security to customers during this difficult time. In following the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health and to reduce the risk to both our valued customers and our staff and

Locked Myself Out Of The House: 4 Things You Can Do

4 Things You Can Do If You’ve Locked Yourself Out Of Your House Have you ever had a very busy day outside, looking forward to going back to the comfort of your home to eat and relax, and on getting home, you find out that you locked yourself outside your house? It can be really

We Love Being Toronto’s Best Locksmiths

We love Toronto. It has become for us a home: a family with whom we have grown. How It All Began In the heat of 1983, we saw a need, a void that needed to be filled. Thus our decision to set up shop tending to the doors, and locks and safes in need of

Finding A Truly Skilled Toronto Locksmith

Like many professions in life, finding a locksmith is pretty straightforward. But finding a truly skilled locksmith is another thing entirely. To find the truly skilled Toronto locksmith, one must watch out for those exceptional qualities that set them apart. Pro Locksmith – Home of Thoroughly Skillful Locksmith  Thankfully, you need not seek professional locksmiths anymore, as

How Entry Doors Have Changed Over the Last 20 Years

A look at the past and you could tell a person’s social status by the nature of his entry door. Entry doors have been around for a while. They have evolved past being rigid doors designed to keep burglars out, to aesthetically pleasing, yet functional doors. Follow the story with us Exterior Doors 20 Years

Get the Best Solution for Your Door Entry and Handicap Door Systems

Being disabled is no fun story. For a lot of people, it makes it extremely difficult to navigate themselves within the confines of buildings, even if they have been living there for a long time. A place that used to be full of things they played with or handled on a regular basis becomes a

Who Needs Sliding Automated Doors And Why?

Automated sliding doors refer to doors programmed to open and close based on pedestrian activity. Such doors do not need to be manually opened or closed by the users as is the case with traditional doors. Thus, as a result, the users need not bother about depressing a doorknob to gain access to the other

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