How to Reduce Theft with Commercial Door Services

In 2021 alone, there were over 18,000 burglaries reported to police in Canada. For businesses, some thefts were shop floor related, where customers have stolen products from the floor. In terms of physical theft, doors are often considered the most vulnerable access point. At Pro Locksmiths we offer a wide range of commercial door services to help protect businesses.

Pro Locksmiths have over 30 years' experience in providing security needs to both commercial and residential clients. Here we briefly take a look at several ways to ensure safety with commercial door services.

Commercial Door Services

As the owner of a commercial business, it is imperative to have security systems in place to protect your company and its employees from potential outside burglaries and threats to their livelihood. We briefly take a look at several ways to reduce theft with commercial door services.

Automatic Doors

We offer a wide range of automatic doors by leading manufacturers including Entrematic, Stanley, Besam, and Camden accessories. Our automatic doors operate by using optical or motion detection sensors and only operate when activated. The automatic closing system means that doors are never left open, helping to reduce unauthorized access.

We can guarantee that all external doors are properly installed. Our qualified technicians can advise you on the best type of hinges and bolts to use that deter common forced entry methods and unwanted access.

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems help to keep unwanted visitors out, and keep track of who enters your property. Whether it's keycard, fob systems or via mobile devices, our systems cater for all your needs. Commercial settings that require increased security for restricted access or sensitive areas, can keep track of who opened which door and when. This type of system, with in-depth recording facilities and time stamping, ensures that an outsider is less likely to gain access to your business or important areas within it.

We also stock electronic locksets, using a range of models from the Yale NexTouch series. Modern and sleek looking, these highly sought after locksets are easy to install and can be programmed to manage access with up to 500 PIN codes. We also stock the new EMPoweredTMSmart Lock by Emtek.

Electronic locksets allow businesses to remotely lock and unlock their doors. It also allows monitoring to identify whether doors are locked or not. Keyless locking eliminates the risk of keys being copied and used for unwanted entry. As well as reducing unwanted entry, electronic locksets can also be used in emergency situations, allowing emergency services and first responders to enter if required.

Intercom Systems

It is essential to keep track of who enters and exits a building, and who is where. It is also vital to ensure that those you let in can be easily identified.

Our intercom systems allow "at the door" interaction, enabling your company to quickly identify your visitors before opening the door. Our highly trained staffs are knowledgeable specialists and can advise on the best way to meet your security requirements.

If you are looking to upgrade your current hardware, or need help in reducing the risk of theft to your company, Pro Locksmiths provide expert advice for all your security needs. Most insurance companies require proof of forced entry. If someone is going to break in, make sure it's difficult for them.



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