Commercial Door Hardware
We understand that commercial locations have very different needs than those investing in hardware for private homes. We have a wide range of hardware options that are specifically designed to see a great deal of use so they are not going to give way or start looking worn when they are constantly handled.

Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial hardware tends to be a bit larger so it’s easy to find and easy to manage, which only increases the practicality. Get a stylish look while encouraging crowd flow and control when you invest in the right hardware for your space.

98/99 Series Push Pads:

The 98/99 Series devices are wide stile heavy-duty push pads. The 98/99 Series have all been certified to the highest industry standards and are commonly used in higher education, K-12 schools, hospitals, hospitality, and government buildings among others.

Architectural design elements differ between the 98 and the 99. The 98 Series device has a smooth mechanism case, while the 99 Series has a grooved mechanism case.

Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin exit devices allow safe and easy egress, and are the perfect choice for any setting, from educational to hospitality to healthcare. Designed for applications on narrow stile full glass, aluminum and metal doors in high-use and high-abuse situations.

To view a list of Exit Device series please visit the Corin Russian page:


Pull Handles:

Grab or pull handles are used when requiring greater pulling force. Pull handles are used in the automotive, consumer electronic, telecoms, furniture, food and many more industries. Depending on the application, you should consider ergonomic grip, material strength and the environment the pull handles are being used for.

To view a list of Rockwood door pulls, please visit the Assa Abloy webpage:


Push Plates:

Push plates are often used on doors that do not latch. Sometimes they are installed on both sides of the door, especially when the door is mounted on double acting hinges that swing both ways. Push plates are also often used with door pulls on one or both sides of the door.

To view a list of Rockwood push plates, please visit the Assa Abloy webpage:


Door Checks Surface Mount:

Door check surface mount is mounted overhead door holder installation does not require mortising of job or door. The jamb bracket is surface mounted on the stop of the frame. The channel is also surface mounted on the face of the door. Hollow metal doors and jambs must be reinforced to provide necessary strength for the holder specified.

To view a list of Rockwood Door Check Surface Mounts please visit the Assa Abloy webpage:


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