High Security Locks

High security locks are designed to resist lock picking, key bumping and impressioning. They use security features such as security pins, which trigger the internal pins to lock when a tool other than a key is used to defeat the lock. 


High Security Locks

From padlocks to security accessories, to furniture or utility locks we carry it all. These products also have harden steel inserts, sidebars, rotating pins and other features that are specially designed to resist break and enter attempts.

  • Restricted Keyway- Many business owners have dealt with keys going missing or being copied without their authorization. With high security locks, the aded feature of a restricted keyway system stops unauthorized duplication.
  • Impossible to pick and drill resistant - The locking mechanism corresponds with a specific pin. Only a locksmith with special tools are get high security locks open, so homes/businesses can avoid financial losses associated with theft. 
  • Customization - High security locks can be tailored to fit your needs. If you have multiple locations to secure, each lock can be customized for that specific location. 
  • Reset Locks - The days of replacing locks due to a key being lost or stolen are gone. High security locks allow the resetting of keys, including master keys and grand master keys.
  • Monitor Remotely - With the advancements in technology, high security locks can be managed remotely. This allows a business owner to designee to set the alarm, lock and unlock the doors using a smartphone or computer. If someone try’s to tamper with it you will receive a notification. 

Lock Types

"Whether it's a padlock, cabinet, or entry door, Medeco offers key control for all applications"
"For top the line security available in an array of finishes the Medeco residential deadbolt should be your first choice"
"The patented Medeco M3 prevents unauthorized key duplication"
"The Medeco double sided deadbolt with captive/removable thumbturn key"
"Medeco offers many products, such as this showcase lock, to bring added security to any retail setting"
"XT is a Medeco product line with audit trail capability that is adaptable with most existing small format interchangable core hardware"

High Security Locks Videos

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Maxum Security - Hammer
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