When it comes to security, watch your mouth!

At Pro Locksmiths, we’ve been helping GTA residents with all their home security needs for over three decades. As you can imagine, in well over 30 years, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen regrettable situations where people waited to upgrade their home security until they were broken into and lost everything. We’ve had the privilege

What’s new in the “safe” industry?

The name says it all: Safes are supposed to keep your belongings, well, safe. Modern safes promise to do so in a variety of ways, from repelling all kinds of human attacks (crowbars, blowtorch, explosives, drills) to natural disasters (fires, floods, smoke, humidity). If you’re in the market for a safe, you may already be

Toronto Burglars Steal More than Riches

Last month, Toronto Police arrested 8 people in connection with an organized break-and-enter ring that robbed over two dozen high-end homes in Toronto. While break and enter is actually on the decline in Toronto, thieves are still going where the getting is good – and often, that means targeting homes in wealthy neighbourhoods where the

Safes: Does size matter?

We’re talking about home security safes here. Of course, there are people who think that ‘bigger is better’, and when it comes to safes, the media and major motion picture industry has done nothing to dispel this myth. Whether it’s a bank robbery flick rife with images of the huge circular vault, or a drug

Protect Yourself from Scams and Crime

According to the Better Business Bureau, Canadians lost over $61 million in 2015 by falling victim to the various kinds of scams that predatory thieves had invented and deployed that year. As home security experts, we at Pro Locksmiths know that there is more than one way these dishonest individuals like to take advantage of

Pro Locksmiths is Here to Help

As a trusted, family-owned locksmith business operating in the Toronto area for over three decades, we at Pro Locksmiths have helped a lot of people over the years! Business owners who wanted to upgrade their most complex security systems at multiple locations. Little old ladies who just wanted a deadbolt. People locked out of their

Outsmart the Thief at the Front Door

How would you feel if someone broke into your home – which you have worked so hard to maintain and furnish with cherished possessions? Would you feel violated if someone threw a brick through your window, gained entry to your home and stole your priceless jewellery, emptied your child’s piggy bank, and made off with

How technology is changing with front door lock systems

At Pro Locksmiths, we absolutely love it when a customer comes into our showroom and asks about the latest and greatest in front door lock systems. We love locks, and we love helping GTA home and business owners protect their property and valuables! The thing is, in order to be able to answer questions like

Do I Need A…Personal Bodyguard?

This month at Pro Locksmiths, we’re profiling various aspects of personal and home security to help our valued customers identify what’s out there in terms of protection and what security products could benefit their safety. To provide a little background, our team is comprised of expert locksmiths and technicians who have many decades’ combined experience

Do I Need A…Wearable Safety Device?

This month at Pro Locksmiths, we’re looking at various types of personal and home security to help our customers identify which security and protection products could benefit them. Why the focus on personal safety as well as more traditional locksmith jobs? Because our team is comprised of expert locksmiths and techs whose knowledge extends far

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