Automatic vs Manual Door Service – Safety Comparison

The design and function of the entrance to your commercial premises should be about convenience but also safety and security. Choosing between an automatic or a manual door is an important decision, not least because of cost but also because you have a responsibility to visitors on your premises to make every endeavour of ensuring their safety.

Automatic Door Service in Toronto: The Obvious Benefits

Your entrance way says something about your image and is often the first thing any visitors to your premises may encounter. The public expects a certain degree of automation even down to the standard of washrooms on offer, so it's important to make a first impression that identifies you as contemporary, tech-friendly and stylish. This is one good reason to opt for an automatic option. A manual door can seem like a barrier, while an automatic one is an invitation.

Automatic Door Service in Toronto: The Safety Aspects

The safety issues come down to simple questions of reliability and efficiency. In buildings of any size which allow public access, it is essential to address the logistics of getting people out safely in the event of any emergency. Fire is the obvious, constant fear. Large numbers of distressed people trying to exit a building can cause danger to themselves and others - this will be exacerbated if the exit is impeded by manual doors. In an automatic system, with the touch of a button all exits and entrances can be opened and kept open, allowing people to pass quickly out to safety.

However, the apparent advantages of an automatic door system must be weighed against the possibility of mechanical failure. A fully functioning automatic door service allows you to open every door at the touch of button, while a manual system relies on individual effort. If there is a design fault or a component fails, then your automatic system may cause issues at a crucial moment, with potentially disastrous consequences. While, with manual doors, very little can go wrong. The throughput of people will be slower, but it will be unimpeded.

To address this, an automatic door system can be fitted with a manual override. These need to be incorporated in such a way that power failure will not affect the switch over. Design is crucial. Ultimately an automatic door will be much more efficient and can contribute enormously to safety, but you need to select installation from a reliable automatic door service and it is absolutely vital that it is regularly serviced. Maintenance will make all the difference at times of emergency.

Safety and security are connected. If all doors can be centrally controlled, then your staff have full command over who leaves and who enters. With this in mind, we provide an automatic door service in Toronto that is world-class. If necessary, the entire building can be put into instant lockdown or the doors switched to manual.

Our reputation has been established through reliability, results, responsiveness and customer service. We have added to that a constant commitment to finding the most efficient and innovative high-tech entry solutions. When you combine that with our experience, resources, local knowledge and unrivalled expertise you can see why there is no better automatic door service in Toronto.

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