Tricks to Protect Your Commercial Operations with High Security Lock Systems

Safeguarding against theft and criminal damage should be the top priority for any company. Damaged buildings and loss of stock or intellectual property is a cost that can be easily avoided. Follow our tips on how to get the most out of your locks.

Use high security commercial locks to create layers of security

High security commercial locks are an excellent way to secure your premises and prevent incursions from the outside world. In addition to security, locks can also create different zones within a property.

Locks can be used to control access within commercial premises and ensure that certain areas are kept off limits. This means that only the staff who really need to be there can access high-security areas at any given time.

Keypad-locked doors are particularly useful for this, but any kind of commercial locks will allow you to divide your building into different zones and control access. Not only does this make your property more secure, but it actually helps you to control workflow. By ensuring that staff are only in areas where they specifically need to be, businesses can prevent overcrowding and all of the problems that go with it. Layering locks in this way creates a more secure workplace as well as a happier one.

Mix and match

All locks are different, and there is no "one size fits all" answer for a commercial property. Businesses should mix and match their high security commercial locks accordingly and use systems on a case-by-case basis. That might even mean fitting a variety of locks on a single property.

For example, hefty padlocks may be the favoured option to secure garages or warehouses. These types of locks are a deterrent and stand as a clear warning to any opportunistic thieves who may be targeting the property. They serve as a stark reminder that a property is secure. Electronic locking systems are more flexible and ideal for office spaces. These encompass everything from keypad doors to locks that require a key card. They make it easy to control access in a building and are far less imposing than padlocks.

There are also lever handle locks, interchangeable core locks and mortise locks, to name but a few other alternatives. The best commercial security system is one that combines all these different types of locks into a wide-ranging and practical solution.

Consider data collection

Some commercial locks come with the ability to collect data about their users. These features are reserved for electronic, keyless lock systems, but they can be highly beneficial. Key card locked doors, for example, can record everybody who passes through them. Key codes, biometric data and even the times that doors were used can all be recorded. This adds another level of security to your building and makes life more difficult for thieves.

Simply having these systems in place is usually enough to serve as a deterrent. If would-be criminals know that your business is well protected, they are less likely to take any risks by targeting it. Of course, pairing high security commercial locks with other measures like surveillance cameras and alarms will bolster your defences even further.


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