Why Automatic Doors are Preferred at Many Businesses?

Automatic doors are favoured by businesses of all shapes and sizes. They offer unparalleled convenience and a whole host of other benefits.

Extremely convenient

The most obvious benefit of auto door installation is sheer convenience. There are lots of scenarios where manually operated doors can be an irritation or outright obstacle. Traditional doors are difficult to open if you're carrying a lot of items, and they're even worse for the elderly. Those in wheelchairs or with impaired mobility can also struggle. Automatic doors serve the dual purpose of being convenient and actually making your business more generally accessible.

Automatic doors make entering and exiting a building a seamless experience. Your customers will also be pleased to circumvent those annoying moments of push/pull confusion!

Energy efficient

It's impossible to accidentally leave automatic doors open, which helps businesses save energy. You won't have to worry about heat escaping, and this can make a big difference to your energy bills in the long term. Automatic doors are also a great way to eliminate drafts, keeping your building much warmer over the winter months.

In summer, they'll reduce your air conditioning costs by keeping cool air inside. Automatic doors give you more control over the temperature of your building, protecting you from fluctuations and saving you money on energy bills.

Additional security

All doors come with robust locking systems, but an auto door installation takes things to another level. Any traditional door requires manual intervention to lock, which can be time-consuming and isn't always appropriate in a crisis. Automatic doors can be locked remotely and usually at the touch of a button, making them much more secure.

Being able to lock down your entire property in the blink of an eye is fantastic in emergencies, but it also makes closing up at the end of the day much simpler. Rather than going from door to door fiddling with manual locks, everything can be done remotely.

Increased customer satisfaction

An auto door installation simply looks more professional. Businesses with manually operated doors look old-fashioned, whereas their automatic equivalents are more modern. These doors make your business seem up to date and professional. Being able to enter and exit a building quickly, even with their hands full, is another reason that customers love automatic doors.

These doors give a building a welcoming "open for business" look that's more likely to entice customers. Seeing people pass seamlessly through the doors is encouraging and suggests that the business is accessible and popular.

Auto door installation is hygienic

Hygiene is more of a concern than ever, and this isn't something that will disappear when the pandemic has lessened. An acute awareness of public health is now ingrained in all of us. Traditional doors need to be pushed, pulled, opened, and closed. Hundreds of hands touch the doors every day, not to mention all the members of staff who open and lock up again. Automatic doors require no human intervention, are exceptionally hygienic and offer unprecedented peace of mind.

This mix of convenience, customer satisfaction and more tangible benefits like lower energy bills explains why automatic doors are so popular.


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