Pro Locksmiths services residential and commercial locksmith clients

Pro Locksmiths is a highly experienced locksmith firm that has been serving homes and businesses in the GTA for over thirty years. While some locksmiths specialize in a particular niche, we have chosen to serve both residential and commercial customers, recognizing that these two groups have very different needs that our technicians can meet. Our

Pro Locksmiths has a great showroom on Mount Pleasant in the heart of Uptown Toronto. Come take a look

Did you know Some locksmiths aren’t just a phone number in the phone book? Some locksmiths have a showroom you can actually visit to take a look at the latest in locks, security systems, safes and hardware Pro Locksmiths is one of them! Not only do we make house calls and come out to your

Why is Pro Locksmith recommended so highly in Toronto?

When you need a locksmith, it may seem like you have a tremendous amount of options – so many, in fact, that you don’t know who to call. The truth is actually the opposite: you really have very few options. You can: Google ‘Toronto locksmith’ and hope for the best Page through your GTA Yellow

Why is Medeco one of our many highly recommended products?

At Pro Locksmiths, we believe in providing our clients with a wide range of locks, keys and security products to meet their differing needs. However, one thing we have learned over the years is that regardless of whether our clients are residential or commercial, they all have something of the utmost importance to protect. That’s

What to expect in front door hardware for 2016

Just like couture, cars and phones, front door hardware has its own styles and trends which dominate the industry for a period of time. While quality materials and expert workmanship never go out of style, there are definite trends in door hardware that we can expect to see next year, as overall construction and building

What has changed in front door security over the last 100 years?

Front door security in the early 20th century usually meant a yard dog, a servant, or at most a simple latch. High net worth individuals wishing to protect their property could invest in armed guards, thick hedges and shrubbery, wrought iron gates topped with spikesand perhaps even a moat! The most common form of security

Automatic Handicap Door Opener Services in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for automatic door openers or handicap door & installation services in Toronto to make your commercial property accessible, you’ve found the right local locksmith. Perhaps when you look at a door, you notice the colour or hardware, but that’s unusual; most of us register little more than an entryway to where they

Your Trusted Toronto Locksmith

There are lots of locksmiths in the yellow pages. But what does it mean to be a trusted Toronto locksmith – the one you should have on speed dial? Almost all locksmiths offer a range of services like re-keys, home open ups, and door repairso what makes Pro Locksmiths different? Many locksmiths say they’ll be

Safe Installation

If you have expensive or heirloom belongings, whether it’s antique jewellery or passports or cash, that you would like to store more securely, you may have considered purchasing a safe. Or perhaps your business is such that a much larger secure storage area is required for your files or merchandise. Either way, Pro Locksmiths can

Your Toronto Safe Supplier

Pro Locksmiths was established in 1983, and since then we’ve been providing the highest professional standard of service to both residential and commercial clients in the GTA. Because it’s not right there in our name, some clients don’t realize that we also supply and install safes to all levels of the public, from retail stores

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