Automatic Handicap Door Opener Services in Toronto

Whether you’re looking for automatic door openers or handicap door & installation services in Toronto to make your commercial property accessible, you’ve found the right local locksmith. Perhaps when you look at a door, you notice the colour or hardware, but that’s unusual; most of us register little more than an entryway to where they

Your Trusted Toronto Locksmith

There are lots of locksmiths in the yellow pages. But what does it mean to be a trusted Toronto locksmith – the one you should have on speed dial? Almost all locksmiths offer a range of services like re-keys, home open ups, and door repairso what makes Pro Locksmiths different? Many locksmiths say they’ll be

Safe Installation

If you have expensive or heirloom belongings, whether it’s antique jewellery or passports or cash, that you would like to store more securely, you may have considered purchasing a safe. Or perhaps your business is such that a much larger secure storage area is required for your files or merchandise. Either way, Pro Locksmiths can

Your Toronto Safe Supplier

Pro Locksmiths was established in 1983, and since then we’ve been providing the highest professional standard of service to both residential and commercial clients in the GTA. Because it’s not right there in our name, some clients don’t realize that we also supply and install safes to all levels of the public, from retail stores

In-Home Safes

Anthony was working in his basement home office when he heard a crash coming from upstairs. Thinking that his kids were running amok, he chose to let his wife deal with it. For a few moments all was quiet. “Then I heard this strange sound I’ve never heard before. It was like a rushing wind.”

Emergency Locksmiths

Nathan was about to get married, and ¬¬¬¬unlike some grooms who keep their distance from the wedding planning as much as possible, he was deeply involved. The day of the wedding, “I couldn’t let my fiancée handle everything,” he remembers. “I had a last-minute meeting with the florist about the centrepieces, I drove to the

Commercial Locksmiths in Toronto

Colleen Marshall*, owner of a Toronto boutique bakery specializing in event cakes, always knew that a certain amount of loss was inevitable in her business. “No one has to like it,” she says, “but in the food industry, it’s understood that some small percentage of your inventory is going to walk out the door. I

Bondable Locksmiths

Fatima and her husband Ismail moved into their new home in early December, 2013, with their baby twins. Despite their Realtor’s advice that they get the locks changed right away, they were so busy with the hustle and bustle of moving and getting the babies settled that it just slipped their minds. “Then the ice

Commercial Locksmith in Toronto

 The Services They Offer and Aspects to Consider before Hiring One of Them The services you can get from a commercial locksmith in Toronto are numerous, improving the security of your business in more than one way. In what follows, we would like to give you a few ideas that can help you find the

How to Secure Your House against Burglary and Fires

Home burglaries and fires are two of the most frequent types of security challenges in residential areas, so if you are wondering how to secure your house while you are not at home, you must, first of all, consider the measures to protect you against break-ins and fires. There are basically two types of burglars:

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