3 Easy Tips to Avoid Common Locksmith Scams

Usually, the times that we need a reliable Toronto locksmith happen to also be the times when we are the most desperate. Maybe you are locked out of your car in a store parking lot with a low phone battery, or perhaps you've been locked out of your house on a rainy night.

It can be difficult to satisfactorily research and uncover the best and most reliable locksmiths who are able to help you right away in these situations. Unfortunately, locksmith scammers know this and have a history of taking advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Take a proactive stance and decide ahead of time who you will call in times of an emergency, write that number down, and put it in your wallet or purse, as well as your glovebox. When you have the number on paper, you can borrow any available phone to make the call when that moment arrives.

When you are browsing Toronto locksmith companies, take the time to follow these tips so you can be sure they are reliable and dependable.

1. Look up the Address

Let's say you found a local locksmith that appeals to you. Right away, use their internet presence to determine what their company address is, then find that address on a map service, such as Google maps. Here, you can see hours, customer reviews, and more.

2. Get Your Initial Questions Answered

Give them a call – even if you are not in immediate need of a locksmith. When you know the answers to the following questions ahead of time, you will always be prepared in the case of an emergency.

  • Ask where their technicians will be arriving from, and determine if they are or are not licensed technicians.
  • Inquire after the exact registered name of the business. If they use a vague or generic company name, such as “locksmiths”, your red flags should be up, and it is time to move on.
  • Find out their preliminary price estimates. If the quoted cost seems too good to be true, such as costing less than $25, then you are likely speaking with a scammer, or there will be hidden costs later down the road.

At this point, take a moment to consider the company and listen to your gut. If you are not feeling confident or getting negative vibes, call another company and keep looking.

3.  Calling the Locksmith

If it's one of those times when a locksmith is needed, let the company know ahead of time that you would like to see the license and ID of the technician who will be coming by to help, and also alert them that you will expect a written estimate before service is completed. Also ask about additional charges, including emergency hours or mileage.

Once the locksmith arrives, check his vehicle, take down the license number, and ask to see the license in person.

As a final note, follow your gut, don't be afraid to ask questions, and ask for everything in writing before work is completed. When you follow these simple tips, you will find your experience with your local locksmith to be a positive one.


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