Locks unpackaged: What different types of locks have to offer

At Pro Locksmiths, we sure know locks! But if you’re a Toronto homeowner trying to decide what you need, or assess whether your current locks are adequate to keep your family and your possessions safe, things get trickier. You aren’t a Journeyman, how will you ever tell the different types of locks apart and find

Are you ready for AODA? Adaptations for your business

We’ve all heard the saying, “Adapt or die”. But when it comes to Ontario businesses adapting to AODA legislation, it takes on a whole new meaning. We’re not talking about changing product lines to suit the whims of fickle customers; AODA adaptations are about removing the barriers that make private businesses and public spaces inaccessible

What separates Pro Locksmiths from other Toronto Locksmith companies?

We could go on and on about what makes Pro Locksmiths so great and how our professional locksmith services are second to none. In fact, we remind ourselves how great we are every single day – especially when we get a call in the middle of the night in the dead of winter to let

Pro Locksmiths has serviced Toronto for over 30 years

What does it mean to be in business in Toronto for over 30 years? Well, no matter what the industry, it means you’ve beaten the odds, because failure rates for new businesses are pretty high. For example, according to Statistics Canada, although about 100,000 new small businesses start up every single year in Canada, in

Pro Locksmiths services all clients from Residential, to corporate, industrial and even safe supplier and installer

How do you know as a business owner that you’ve reached the next level of growth? When other industry professionals start turning to you as a resource and wanting to do business with you. That’s right, not only does Pro Locksmiths service all clients from residential to corporate and industrial, we also service the pros

Pro Locksmiths is a brand you can rely on!

We’ve said it before: We want Pro Locksmiths to be a household name! While tradespeople are seldom on everyone’s lips the way retailers or other mega-brands are, when Toronto area residents need an honest, reliable locksmith at their door in 30 minutes or less, we want them to remember our brand. But it takes more

Home Security Tips

Unless you’re a super-villain or a reclusive billionaire, the truth is that there are probably no teams of expert safe-crackers or cat burglars trying to get into your home. That’s not to say that criminals and thieves don’t exist – just that they are often amateurs who are looking for easy targets for their crimes.

High Security Locks

High security locks might not be on the radar of the average Toronto, Ontario homeowner, but a burglary in the neighbourhood can change all that. Unfortunate events have a way of forcing us to assess our security weak spots, and that’s not a bad thing! If you walk around your home and try to think

Why you should use a quality lock and locksmith

Your security is important, that’s why! Just as you wouldn’t let a toddler walk down a busy city street alone, so too you wouldn’t want an unauthorized person walking into your home and posing a threat to your family or your precious possessions. You’ve spent a long time building up material possessions for you and

Who may need a home safe? What would you use it for?

You think you’ve got everything covered: your premises are protected by a monitored alarm system, you’ve got excellent quality locks on all the doors and windows, and you even have a dog. Isn’t a bit paranoid to think you’re not actually protected? You certainly feel safe in your homeuntil a freak storm hits Toronto, causing

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