How Have Locksmith Services Changed Over the Last Decade

Residential and commercial security is an industry that has changed rapidly since the start of
the new Millenium. The safety practices that seemed standard 10 years ago are now considered
antiquated. As technology has evolved, so have methods for breaking and entering. It is
therefore paramount that your locksmith not only offers you the latest equipment but also follow
the equipment application and evaluation practices that are up to date. An unprecedented economic boom following the 2008 Financial Crisis has given households
and businesses greater spending power. This has also coincided with the technological
innovations of the digital age. In residential homes, entertainment systems can cost as much as
a reasonably priced car. Our cellphones have also finally broken through the four-figure price
tag ceiling. The internet has become more accessible and its full capabilities have been all but
unleashed. With 5G technology on the horizon and Gig speed connections in many parts of
Toronto, the internet of things is becoming more ubiquitous for households. Locks have given
way to keypads which have in turn been replaced by app-based electronic locks CCTV

The aforementioned economic boom allowed business to skyrocket their market capitalization
and profit margins. Lower taxes enabled them to reinvest in the latest technological innovations
to increase productivity. It has become common for businesses to use workstations and display
screens worth thousands of dollars. In the workplace, the Recession was also followed by an
influx of job openings. With historically low employment figures, workplaces are hiring more than
ever. This has lead to an increase in employee hierarchy and departmental management.
Offices have access pad protected doors between buildings so that a selected set of employees
have access to certain facilities. A decade ago, this was a practice employed exclusively by
large cap corporations but now even small startup office spaces in the Greater Toronto Area
employ intercoms and access pads with electronic locks to regulate the workforce.

Our team at Pro Locksmiths is dedicated to serving you with the latest locksmith solution
practices and equipment available on the market. Our safety solutions include but are not
limited to electronic lock pads, intercoms, keypads and CCTV cameras. We have a physical locksmith
showroom in Toronto's Mount Pleasant Village displaying and demonstrating our state-of-the-art locksmith practices and safety equipment. Our professionals understand that technology may, sometimes, prove overwhelming. Therefore, we offer 24-hour emergency responses to help with any high urgency requirements. Our professionals are regularly trained and familiarized with the latest equipment to ensure that they can implement our state-of-the-art high tech solutions with efficiency. We attend conventions, trade shows and seminars on a regular basis and offer our professionals with a full stack of online and on site training courses.

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