Why Your Security Matters

The Problem

Consider the following scenario: you just started a new business. You even went so far as to rent out office space in the Greater Toronto Area, which in recent years has transformed into an innovation and startup hub. Your new office space is decked out with top of the line computers and servers, featuring the latest and greatest in graphical processing tech and 4K screens. Obviously, you have applied for renters insurance, albeit with a significant deductible. However, you would rather be safe than sorry with regards to your business investments, as no person has ever looked forward to speaking to an insurance claims representative.

If the aforementioned seems alien, consider this: you just bought a home; or, you just remodeled your existing house. You plan to change your old, bland main door and replaced it with a more modern and elegant one. Maybe you simply realize that your locks and handles on your front door do not match the surrounding facade. Otherwise, you simply realized that your door locks are old and need to be replaced or maintained. You want to ensure that the safety of you and your family is maintained and your home is protected.

You may even find yourself living alone in Toronto, fresh out of college and about to enter the workforce. Living alone is the preferred means of habitation for nearly 30 percent of Canadians, it is also the most popular one. You may feel vulnerable in a new residence on your own and want to ensure that your locks and doors are sturdy and reinforced to prevent any break-ins.

The Solution

Our team at Pro Locksmiths is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our residential and commercial customers in the Greater Toronto Area. Our company was founded in 1983 and has been family-owned ever since. As a leading locksmith solution provider in the Greater Toronto Area, we are renowned for the high standard of services we provide our clients. We provide a variety of services for our commercial and residential customers.

Our products range from door hardware to state-of-the-art security devices (such as CCTV systems and intercoms) to protect your commercial space. We provide highly durable fireproof safes and vaults to give your most essential belongings an added layer of protection from anything ranging from an attempted burglary to a fire. We offer high tech automatic doors and electronic locksets to give you the convenience of a single click while providing you with the highest possible security and full control of your space. Our products seamlessly integrate with the web and give you information even when you are on the go.

We offer our residential customers with the same commercial grade equipment to help them enhance the safety of their living space. Our 24-hour emergency lockout services are always available to you. We understand that in emergency situations, we must respond as soon as possible but we also keep in mind to provide you solutions with minimum impact to your property (a novice locksmith may damage a door with a drill, while a Pro Locksmith representative would prevent such damage but still respond with speed). We understand that our clients want to experience a demo of our equipment before they commit to our services. Our physical Showroom in Toronto provides our clients with the benefit of viewing and testing out equipment before we proceed with installations.

Our team is here to assist you with your residential or commercial security solutions. Please give us a call at 416-488-2111 or email us at info@prolocksmiths.com. Let us know your requirements and we will immediately provide you with a free quote!


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