How to Install a Door Lockset

Door Lockset Installation Guide With Tools Needs and Step-by-Step Instructions

Installing a beautiful door in your house or commercial property is not complete without a lock. Even for an old existing door, a new door lockset makes sense. Undoubtedly, locks are important for security purposes and a house is incomplete without it. This brings the requirement of a safe security lock, which needs proper installation. The locks do not serve the purpose if it is not installed correctly. As much as the quality of the door is important in your property, the price of lockset can promise a secure trust.

Tools Required to Change Door Lockset

Many handy and utility tools are available to fit the lockset. They are required at any cost to assure the fittings are done appropriately. Any local locksmith, whose primary job is to fit the lock, always keeps the following tools handy.

  • Strong Lockset
  • Tape to join the appropriate fitting measurement of the door lock.
  • Power Drill with Hole-Saw attachment is the main equipment required, since they can drill deep inside the woodwork, without damaging the door. The drills are also responsible for allowing screw fittings to hold up properly.
  • Sandpaper is required in the first place, whose job is to smoothen the edges of the bolts and holes in the woodwork.
  • Chisel required to cut the mortise
  • Screwdriver to drill nuts and screws required to complete the door fittings.
  • Pencil to mark the position of holes in the door
  • Combination Square

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install Door Lockset Properly

Here in the steps, two cases are mentioned. One is for new doors, which does not have any lock mark and is complete wood. The other case is for old doors, whose lock replacement is relatively easier since the measurement of the old lock can reduce the hassle. Thus, look out for specific rules and methods followed by the majority of a locksmith for different doors as follows.

Step 1: Purchase a new lockset. It is important to understand the structure of the past lockset and space it took in the old door. Thus, door knobs and key sizes are to be considered. Choose a perfect lockset from reputed stores can be a good deal to ensure no discrepancy is carried forward.

Step 2: Measure the lock holes, which gives you the exact fitting you can choose for your new door lock. Even a millimeter here and there can make the new lockset not work accordingly. This is applicable for upgrading door lockset for an existing door. The measurement from the distance of the edge of the door to the center of the hole makes sense. Mark the points using the pencil for ease of reference.

Step 3: This step involves replacing the door latch. To begin the process, first, remove the screws from the doorknob from inside of an existing door. This assures to pull the doorknob off the woodwork from both sides. In the next step, remove the latch plate over the edge of the door, and remove it from the opening. Fit the new set of the latch into the marked side, which faces the direction the door will be pushed. For new doors, use the template to spot two holes. One is for the lock cylinder, while the one is for the edge of the door bolt.

Step 4: For a new door, use the drilling machine to drill a hole with the hole-saw attachment installed. This assures to drill with the size specified for the appropriate lock cylinder. While door installation, this is the riskiest part. The drilling should be done with such precision, assuring minimal damage. For existing doors, however, the part is saved, since the old door latches are already present and no need to drill it once again. At the end for both new and old doors use sandpapers to polish and smooth the edges for assuring no extra particle is stuck within the edges of the door.

Step 5: Here comes the use of a chisel, which will mortise the door plate and bolt. By using a chisel, it is possible to dig in holes for mounting screws and secures the bolt in one place. This step is applicable for both new doors as well as for old ones.

Step 6: This crucial step requires the fitting of the lock cylinders from outside. This is a mandatory step, which connects the bar fittings to fit inside the bolted panel. Once done, the interior lock cylinder is attached with the cylinder one side, and it is secured with the help of screws.

Step 7: For a new door, this step requires to detect the perfect spot for the strike plate over the jamb. Following the step, it is required to drill an appropriately sized hole in the jamb, which will hold the strike plate. Now, use the strike plate for the pattern and mark the jamb for proper mortising. In the next steps, cut the mortise part and immediately install the strike plate with screws, so that it’s connected with the jamb. Thus, your new lock is ready to function for both of your doors, and it should function fine on following all the above-said steps properly.

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