How To Install A Deadbolt

A Deadbolt Installation Guide

A stylish and really secure lock is the deadbolt lock. While many homeowners have it all through their homes, many have it just as an extra measure for security. These locks are more dependable because the lock is inside the bolt and to lock the home, you just need to give it a twitch. That said, they are classy to look at, and they come in various metal finishes to give a grand new appearance to the doors. Installing these deadbolts or replacing the old ones is easy for an experienced local locksmith.

Let us check out the different steps and everything related to the deadbolt installation.

Tools Needed to Replace a Deadbolt

You need to have a few handy tools to install the deadbolt. However, you also need to have a fair idea on using the chisel to cut and make mortises and fit the deadbolt with care. Here is the list of the tools you will need for installation or replacing the deadbolt:

  • Hole saw a kit for the types of holes to drill for the first-time installation
  • Combination square for measurement
  • Tape measure for more precision
  • Utility knife
  • Wood chisel for cutting the parts in wooden door and jambs
  • Extension cord for the drill
  • Drill bit set to make the hole in the door to fit the faceplates
  • Corded drill
  • 4-in-1 screwdriver for screwing the mount screws on the deadbolt
  • Protection glasses for the eyes
  • Protection for the ears
  • Deadbolt preferably the Grade 1 ones
  • Pencil to mark the point in the door jamb for cutting the mortise

How to Replace a Deadbolt

It is rather quite easy to replace an old door deadbolt with a new set. You may need to replace the old ones if it has been for a long time and now threatens to fall off due to the poor quality of the door’s wood. If that is the case, then you may need to replace the entire door. If your door is intact and just the deadbolt needs to go, and you need to fit in a new deadbolt follow these steps.

Step1: Unscrew the old deadbolt. Just take a screwdriver and unscrew the old screws from the existing deadbolt.

Step 2: Remove the screws from the existing faceplate. Pull out the screws and keep the face plate aside.

Step 3: Remove the outer faceplate. While in some cases, you might have to give it a twist counter-clockwise and pull out, in other cases, you might have to remove any screws before pulling it out.

Step 4: Remove the set plate. This is the steel plate facing the doorframe that fixes when the door is closed. Unscrew and remove this plate too.

Step 5: Drill, Measure accurately and buy the new deadbolt. You will need to drill a hole on the door for the deadbolt if you are installing a new bolt on the door for the first time. After you plug in the drill set and drill out the chunk of wood from it, you proceed with the measurement. You will need to use the wood chisel to cut the wood from the sides and the wooden door frame to measure the setback too. Measure the set back size, the hole’s size and the width of the door. Bring the old deadbolt and key to the hardware store and these measurements to get a new one.

Step 6: Buy the deadbolt kit. This kit will have the new deadbolt, the key, and the three-inch long screws for fitting. The kit will also need to have a metal strike plate.

Step 7: Fix the set plate and deadbolt. Insert the set plate and the deadbolt in place. It should not leave any gaps if your measurement is absolutely correct.

Step 8: Put back the screws in the bolt and set plates. Just remember how you removed the screws. Put them back in place and tighten it up with screwdrivers.

Step 9: Fix the exterior faceplate. This is the metal part projecting outward. This will be the first to go. You need to screw it in place.

Step 10: Fix the interior faceplate. Finally, fix the interior faceplate and screw it.

What is a Deadbolt Hole Size?

The generic size of the deadbolt’s hole is 2 and 1/8th inches. This measurement you take if you have drilled a hole in the door is where your new deadbolt will need to go. After you drill the hole on the door, on the other side, and on the side for the set plate, take the measurement right. Just take the door’s thickness measurements. You get the best bolts from a hardware shop or taking help from the local locksmith as well.

How to Measure a Deadbolt?

If you have a doorknob, just take care to leave 6” space above it to drill the hole for the deadbolt. It should be 44” from the bottom of the door. For creating the hole on the side of the door, you will need a 7/8” drill bit. Using the hole saw or the drill bit digs in a cylindrical hole of 2 1/8 inches. Keep that measurement for creating the setback on the side edge of the door. The depth can be of around 2 3/8”. Clean up the splinters inside these holes and measure the sizes perfectly before getting the new deadbolt.

Require Assistance with Your Deadbolt Installation?

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