Guide to Purchasing Automatic Doors for Commercial Establishments

Whether you own a restaurant, retail store, hospital or a building, security must be on top of your priority list. Securing your property from burglary, theft and other incidents is crucial to the safety of the people inside the building, and of course, your prized possessions. Good thing, there are a couple of accessories you can install for enhanced and optimal security. Consider automatic doors to increase the level of defense and safety in the establishment.

Why Automatic Doors are Suitable for Commercial Establishments?

Unlike traditional doors with a handle and old-school locks, automatic doors are more stylish, secure, durable, safe and convenient to use. In malls, people can easily enter and exit the building with ease, as doors automatically open when motion is detected. No need for you to twist a doorknob or push a glass panel to enter or exit the establishment.

Safety is another highlight of the automatic doors as it can be shut down for security purposes. Those in charge can lock out the building to prohibit unauthorized personnel into the premises.

When it comes to style, one cannot deny that automatic doors look sleek, modern and absolutely classy. With sturdy glass panes and metallic material, the entrance of the building can provide a good impression to visitors.  

Which Automatic Door Is Perfect for Your Entrance?

In case you’re interested to purchase and install automatic doors, you need to identify which type is suitable for your entrance. We give you a guide to make the decision easier for you:

Automatic Swing Doors

This type is easily operated and doesn’t need any security devices. It is perfect for establishments expecting heavy one-way traffic like coffee shops, bookstores, hospitals, schools and even malls. Automatic swing doors are also very stylish and modern, giving a pleasing impression to customers.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Mostly seen in malls, this type of door is perfect for heavy two-way traffic. When motion is detected, the door automatically opens for trouble-free access. Offices and commercial districts are equipped with these doors to let people in easily.

Handicap Automatic Doors

To accommodate disabled individuals in wheelchairs, children and the elderly, commercial premises have handicap automatic doors. With a push of a button, the door opens to let these individuals in, without a fuss. This door is ideal for aged care facilities, hospitals and healthcare clinics. Sometimes, toilets have handicap automatic doors too, removing the need to manually open or close the door.

Automatic Folding Doors

For limited space in the office and other establishments, the automatic folding doors are installed. You can choose from a single or bi-fold folding doors, depending on your preferences. Note that the width of the entrance is flexible, letting people in and out swiftly.

Automatic Rotating Doors

This type of door is ideal for an establishment with heavy foot traffic, particularly hotels and malls. Instead of having separate doors for entrance and exit, the rotating doors are used to accommodate people who are going in and out simultaneously.

With this guide, you can easily choose the type of door to use for your establishment. We can help improve the accessibility and convenience with our heavy-duty and stylish automatic doors. Give us a call to find out more.


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