Everything You Should Know About Automatic Doors in Toronto, ON

Doors are an integral part of any building. They act as normal entry and exit points during ordinary circumstances, and they also serve as an escape route for emergency situations. Because of its prevalence, most people neglect the significance of these fixtures, especially automated ones. Interested in knowing more about these fittings? Here are important things you need to know about automatic doors in Toronto, ON:

There are Different Kinds of Automatic Doors

When people think about automatic doors, they commonly imagine sliding ones. This is probably because this type is one of the most common. However, there are 4 different kinds of automated entries such as:

Sliding Automatic Doors

Being one of the most common, this is found in many commercial places such as malls and retail establishments. Installed in heavy-traffic places, you can observe that these entryways are suitable for bidirectional traffic. Commonly, these use motion sensors, but buttons and remote controllers also apply.

Swinging Automatic Doors

Another prevalently used type are swinging ones, which are usually found in hallways and other narrow ways. These can come in singles and doubles such as those in schools and hospitals. Because these swing towards one side, these are more space consuming. Operations usually include push buttons and sensors.

Other options are low-energy swimming entries. Pedestrians only need to use a push plate and the door will open for a designated time. This is perfect for low-traffic areas, especially those frequented by handicapped and elderly individuals.

Folding Automatic Doors

For more limited spaces, folding doors are the best solution. It offers customisation features for doorways by being folded once or twice, thus, making the entryway bigger or smaller as needed. Because of this, pedestrians can easily pass through regardless of the direction they are coming from.

Revolving Automatic Doors

This kind of door is perfect for locations with a substantial amount of foot traffic. It offers a more sophisticated appearance especially for office buildings and other busy establishments. Automated revolving doors have sensors that adjust the rotation speed. Due to multiple wings, these blocks outside noise and insulates the place.

Automatic Doors Offer Accessibility

One of the best things about automated entries is the fact that it enables physically-challenged individuals to access establishments with little difficulty. Whether they are on wheelchairs, rollators or crutches, they can easily enter the premises with just a push of a button. What’s better is their motions can trigger the sensors, helping them go through the entryway without hassle.

Automatic Doors Are Hygenic

Another important advantage automatic doors have to offer is it minimises contact with people. Because these can open automatically, people do not have to touch door handles that might have germs and bacteria. This increases hygiene levels and lessens possibilities of users contracting communicable diseases and other illnesses.

Whether you are an ordinary pedestrian or an establishment owner, knowing the different types of automatic doors and their advantages can help you decide which one to get. By having the right kind installed in your building, you can create a more pleasant experience for you, your staff and people who visit your place.




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