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The Pro Locksmiths company was founded in 1983 and has been the leading provider of safety and security service solutions for the residents and business owners in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer our customers with a service-oriented approach to their needs. As a family-owned business, we understand the value of every single client. We serve each client with our utmost attention, regardless of whether they are a homeowner or a commercial entity. For our team, no project is considered too big or too small.

Our locksmiths are extensively trained to handle your projects with delicacy. For example, a novice locksmith may potentially damage a door with a power tool like a drill. This can be prevented by an expert locksmith professional, who would avoid the use of such tools unless absolutely warranted. Our professionals are well trained to handle a wide variety of installations and renovations with efficiency.

We pride ourselves on having a locksmith showroom in Toronto that displays our state of the art security equipment. We have dedicated personnel at hand to help answer your queries in person and demonstrate the safety feature of our wide variety of tools, ranging from automatic door locks to high durability safes. We recommend that you stop by when you are not certain about your business or residential security requirements. We will offer you a free consultation to better guide you with your project. We will offer immediate quotes indicating the cost and quantity of equipment and the amount of labor required for installation. Even if you do not choose to purchase any items from us, we want you to be assured of your safety and security at your home or workplace. Your information will certainly be held in the highest confidentiality and no information will be shared with any individual outside of our trusted team of professionals.

Our team supports you even after you have purchased and installed the security equipment. We offer a 24-hour emergency support service. In case of highly urgent circumstances, our service staff will be deployed immediately in the Greater Toronto Area after our 24/7 contact line assesses the problem. Our vehicles act as mobile forward operating bases, with a full suite of maintenance and assessment tools. We can handle any emergency from a routine lockout to a grid-wide power surge that has locked your digital security system.

We know our clients are trusting us with their safety and security. We always ensure that your trust in our company is maintained through our excellent service and affordable costs. Our team is here to consult and guide you through your residential or commercial security solutions. Please give us a call at 416-488-2111 or email us at info@prolocksmiths.com. Let us know your requirements and we will immediately provide you with a free quote!


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