Corporate Locksmith helps GTA commercial businesses stay safe

At Pro Locksmiths, we like to be modest about our success in serving the locksmith needs of Toronto-area businesses, whether they’re rental properties or hotels or industrial warehouses or anything else. But every now and then comes a story so great we have to quote it: “We had an old employee sneak back into the

Community Alert! There’s been a break-in in your neighbourhood.

When Toronto Police leave a brochure in your mailbox stating that your neighbour has been broken into, you may naturally feel shock and apprehension: is your home next? Unfortunately, it could be – because the police don’t go to the trouble of making communities aware of imminent dangers until crimes have already occurred more than

Put your Residential Locksmith on speed dial today

You may have heard about a kind of theft that has unfortunately targeted seniors in the GTA lately, called distraction theft. Distraction theft occurs when a thief approaches an elderly person and strikes up a conversation, often using children, babies, or a fake ‘spouse’ to appear safe and to provide several distractions at once. The

The Art and Science of Key Cutting and Copying

So, you’re looking for key cutting Toronto services (also known as key copying)? Well, your favourite local Toronto locksmith, Pro Locksmiths, have it down to an art and a science. It seems pretty easy: you move into a new place, they give you a set of keys, you immediately trundle on down to Home Depot and

Electronic Entry Systems 1: The Intercom

You might be worried about vandalism, theft, or physical safety and wondering if old fashioned manual locks are going to be sufficient for your home or business. If that’s you, it might be time to look into electronic access control systems. Sophisticated criminals can bypass regular locks but they are often stymied by comprehensive electronic

Commercial vs. Residential Locksmith – What’s the Difference?

Unless you own a crazy huge business like McDonald’s, you might be diffident about hiring a commercial locksmith. After all, what’s the difference between a commercial locksmith in Toronto and their residential counterpart? Locks are locks, right? And more importantly, won’t a commercial locksmith charge an arm and a leg when they’re really providing the

What Your Toronto Locksmith Won’t Tell You…But We Will

For most people outside the locksmithing trade, our profession is a complete mystery. After all, no one learns even basic locksmith skills in school unless they actually plan to become a locksmith! As a result, the average person who calls a Toronto locksmith doesn’t always know the protocol or what to expect. Unfortunately, some Toronto

Toronto Safe Supplier: Stop Making These Common Mistakes When Buying a Safe

If you think buying a home or office safe will make you feel morewell, safeyou’re right – unless you mess it up. Like any other hefty purchase, safes come in a wide range of makes, designs and models that serve varied functions. They are manufactured by companies ranging from the most reputable in the industry

The do’s and don’ts of security cameras

If home security cameras seem a little extreme to you, consider that surveillance tech isn’t just for spy movies anymore; it can have a lot of very important uses, from nanny-cams to helping seniors stay in their homes longer by allowing caregivers to monitor them remotely. Home security surveillance systems also, of course, allow you

Six ways to open a door, and the locks that will stop them

It sounds like a riddle: name six ways to open a door. Go! If you said ‘use your key’, you’ve just named the 7th way – and the only legitimate way – to open a door. Unfortunately, there are six other ways people can get inside your home or business when you don’t want them

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