Automatic Door Maintenance Checklist to Increase its Lifespan

Whilst automatic doors are incredibly common in the majority of commercial properties, they are a considerable investment and should be maintained correctly in order to prolong their useful life.

Why are Automatic Doors so popular?

When used on a commercial property, automatic doors look welcoming and project an air of professionalism to customers. They also help to moderate traffic as well as maintaining climate zones. It is often the case that items which just work can be taken for granted and the automatic nature of these doors means that their servicing can be forgotten about at times.

If you're one of the many business owners who has been taking your commercial automatic door service and maintenance for granted and only calling for help when there is a problem, take a look at our checklist to see what you should be doing and how often.

Making sure your automatic doors remain safe

Safety checks are the most important part of any commercial automatic door service regime. Thankfully, this task is quick and easy to perform. All you need to do is make sure that your safety sensors are in working order, with no stutter or delay in their working. At the same time, check that your door's motion is smooth and steady, with no jamming present.

Commercial automatic door service tips to increase lifespan

As a significant investment for your business, it is incredibly important that you ensure you are doing whatever you can to prolong the life of your automatic doors. Take a good look at the operation of the door on a monthly basis, as this can allow you to recognize any issues that may be developing. This will prompt you to get the professionals in to fix any issues before they have a chance to develop fully.

Look for debris and any obstructions

You should routinely remove any blockages or debris in or around the automatic door. Debris becoming lodged in the internal workings of a door can end up creating an expensive problem over time.

Pay attention to the sounds

Get used to the sound that your doors make as they open and close. Take a second to pause on a daily basis to pay attention to and internalize the sound of the mechanism as it works. This way, you should become so attuned to the normal operating sound of the doors that you recognize even the slightest change in the volume, pitch or duration of the sound. Identifying these changes is a great early warning system, allowing you to seek help quickly, saving more costly maintenance procedures later down the line.

Test regularly

Test how effective the door approach sensors are, checking that they open and close as they should. At the same time, you should also test the fire alarm and evacuation procedures, at a time when the building is empty. A real-life evacuation scenario is not the best time to find out that your doors are not working correctly.

Make a note to plan routine checks to ensure that your doors are working effectively. This will help you to keep your doors in perfect working order and prolong their lifespan.


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