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The world of commercial locks is far more complicated than you may have initially thought. Commercial locks can encompass almost any lock that you would be able to think of, and a good few more besides. These can include locks to keep people out of apartment buildings, locks within retail buildings that keep everyone but a select few employees out, and locks intended to keep warehouses and industrial sites secure.

Let's take a look at these commercial locks in greater depth:

Retail buildings

In large retail buildings with many staff coming and going, it can be complex and expensive to expect all team members to have a key, meaning that another system of entry is likely to be more effective. Combination or electronic fob locks can be used to grant access to anyone who needs it, whether that is to the building itself or to back office or stockroom areas. The benefit of these systems is that doors remain secure once closed, again only allowing access to authorised members of staff or contractors.

Apartment buildings

In addition to the standard door keys used by residents to let themselves into their building and their individual unit, a remote entry system is an integral part of the security of an apartment block. Modern entry systems can include cameras so that residents can feel reassured that they are not dealing with suspicious callers.


Generally speaking, the security of a warehouse is of paramount importance to any inventory-based business. Warehouses can contain vast quantities of stock that a business could ill afford to lose. When working with Pro Locksmiths, our experienced consultants will be able to create a plan to ensure your warehouse premises are kept safe at all times, with a wide range of options available to help you know that once your building is secured, it stays that way.

Industrial Sites

Industrial sites have a wide range of contexts and functions, with various personnel needing to access different parts of each building. A fobbed entry system can help you ensure that people can access areas they need, whilst keeping them out of other spaces. Visiting contractors can be issued with temporary passes which can be configured to open a specific set of doors, expiring when they no longer need access. With remote servicing of the entry system, access can be granted to or revoked from people without the need to involve technicians.

Advanced options for industrial sites include the tracking of access by individuals to each site, showing which people accessed sensitive areas via swipe cards or keypads. Any industry in which sensitive data is stored relies heavily on the security of these critical elements. A professional locksmith work with you to develop your security systems in order to protect all critical areas of your business.

Working with Pro Locksmiths can help to take the anxiety out of the development and implementation of your door entry and security systems. With a comprehensive portfolio of options, Pro Locksmiths will ensure that your business has both secure points of entry as well as keeping secure areas off-limits to anyone who does not need access to them.


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