Revamp Your Outdated Entrance with Automatic Sliding Doors

Bring a touch of modernity to your building by installing new automatic doors in place of your existing doors. The presence of automatic doors can make it easier for customers, staff or visitors to enter, without having to fumble with door handles. The presence of automatic doors gives a premium feel to any entrance, making any visitors feel welcomed in style to your premises.

Control systems can help to keep your building secure following an automatic door operator installation, with the use of remote opening and locking. Similarly, your building can be made secure at the end of the day with the click of a button.

Why carry out automatic door operator installation?

Installing new doors to a property can be a considerable investment, with a wide range of options available to most building owners. But why should you make the change?


Automatic doors are convenient for visitors and staff alike. Whether using light or pressure sensors, fobbed entry or a receptionist opening doors for people, an automatic door is always simple and straightforward to open for a visitor.

Gives a premium look to a building

Whilst we're a long way removed from people being wowed by a door which opens by itself as if it were from the pages of a science-fiction story, automatic doors have a high-quality appearance and provide a high end experience for anyone entering your building.


Automatic doors can be set to allow people out of the building in an emergency, eliminating the need to fumble with handles and attempting to push a pull-only door, for example.


Automatic doors when controlled either remotely or via one of a wide range of access systems, are a valuable part of any security system. Your doors can be set to allow free access, or just access to permitted people. This can be changed at any time should circumstances dictate this. Allowing staff with a keyfob to enter prior to your business opening to the public for example, but when your business opens, the automatic doors could be set to let any customers enter or leave as they choose.

If there is no space for a door to swing open either towards or away from people entering or exiting, you could consider automatic sliding doors.

Automatic sliding doors are often installed in office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels and bars, hospitals and care homes and retail properties. The sliding doors require lateral space in order to be installed.

Additional features that can be installed together with your doors include an airlock function, where two doors have coordinated access controls in addition to access control which uses video monitoring and biometric data to keep sensitive areas secure. Building automation can be incorporated into existing systems already in operation in your building.

Pro Locksmiths have over 30 years of experience working with a wide range of automatic doors, so you can feel reassured when you put your trust in us that your installation will be delivered to a high standard. In addition to automatic door operator installation, we are adept at installing vault doors, safes and a wide range of other door hardware solutions.


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