How a Commercial Locksmith Can Benefit Your Business

Your business is a source of pride, and the best managers and owners will do everything they can to keep it protected as well as profitable. Security threats are one of the top concerns in our modern highly technical world, and now Toronto commercial locksmiths can make the difference and stand between yourself and dangers.

Unfortunately, security is often forgotten about until it’s too late, causing problems within companies across the world that could have been avoided by activating certain measures with the help of commercial locksmiths.

Trouble can crop up from external thieves, or often from within the company itself. In fact, as of 2016, more than 33 percent of company bankruptcies were caused by employee-related thefts, and an average of $50 billion in profits is stolen each year from companies.

When you are proactive about security, you'll find your successful company is bypassed by thieves and hackers in search of easier prey. Commercial locksmiths can make the difference between a healthy, risk-free business and one susceptible to security leaks.

Internal Threats

While staff turnover may be a necessary yet inherent portion of running a business, changing the locks or official security systems for your office or industrial floor may be put off, or even overlooked entirely.

Perhaps your company experiences minimal hirings and firings, but it can also be easy to overlook the danger within your staff. It is always better to place trust in your employees, but it is also important to protect yourself against potential dangers at the same time.

Commercial Locksmith Services

The standard for commercial locksmiths includes a wide range of services.

  • Installing high security doors and entrances
  • Installing state of the art locks and hardware
  • Re-keying current lock systems
  • Installing intercoms
  • Installing punch-code system to enter
  • Consultations to improve your security system

Around the Clock Services

Security for your company is essential no matter what time of day it is, and commercial locksmiths are available twenty-four hours a day with a mobile response if any security measures are breached.

Protect Every Vulnerability

Thieves who threaten your precious company ranges from common break-ins where a physical door is breached, to highly organized crime and cyber threats. This variety of threats require a smart business owner to find robust solutions to their security problems.

Intelligent modern security is conducted in layers, combining professional-grade alarm systems with double thick locks, and even internal aspects such as locking essential files and documents into secure filing cabinets and high tech safes.

Commercial locks can do all this, in addition to keeping your security codes and locks updated with every staff transition, so your company is fully protected from thefts.

Full Service Security Solutions for Your Commercial Enterprise

Take advantage of the professionals in consulting and installing expert security systems to keep your business safe any time of day. When you can spot your own vulnerabilities, and create intelligent solutions, a commercial locksmith in Toronto is the key component for increasing your business security.


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