First-Rate Tips to Hire the Right Commercial Locksmith

Getting a Toronto commercial locksmith is usually something people never think about on a day-to-day basis...until it is too late. Without proper planning, it is possible to find yourself suddenly caught stuck outside your business, without a way to get back inside.

In fact, in times of high stress, when you have more than enough to do and only a short amount of time to do it, your mind is often so caught up in turmoil that it is more common for you to suddenly forget your keys. These times of urgency are often the worst times to get locked out, so be prepared early and know your locksmith's number so you can call and get them to your home or business right away, and you can get on with your day.

Prepare Before You're Locked Out

Research any Toronto commercial locksmith company you are considering hiring, as it is not unheard of for a company to copy your key so they can rip you off afterwards. When you have picked out a company ahead of time, you can call them with confidence in any situation later on.

Give any potential locksmith a call and ask how long they have been working in the industry, and especially how long they have been working at their current business address. Locksmith scammers will often change locations and company names to avoid being caught.

Compare their address with their company's data according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), so you can be assured of the information they are providing to you.

Next, review the customer reviews of the company from a third-party site. Websites such as Google maps will show client ratings so you can get an idea of customer satisfaction.

Once you have your locksmith picked out, put their number in your phone, written down in your glove box and wallet or purse, and in other places so you have it handy in any situation.

Quality Commercial Locksmith Procedures

There are quite a few expectations for high-quality locksmiths, so be sure to hold your locksmith to the following standards.

Don't expect to replace your lock right away, but rather know your locksmith will be able to get your door open with their own high-tech equipment for a lower cost.

A locksmith should never raise the price of the process after you have received a written quote. To ensure this doesn't happen, but sure to get your initial price quote in writing. Afterwards, be sure to get a receipt of your payment, so you can't be scammed for more payment later on.

If you are getting a locksmith during non-emergency hours, there should not be additional fees for the time of day. However, fees do increase if you require a locksmith during non-work hours.

Finally, let the company know that you will expect to see the technician's license and identification once they arrive, and follow up by checking their information once they arrive at the scene.

Choose a Commercial Locksmith Intelligently

While some commercial locksmiths may have one or two bad reviews, everything comes down to your ability to feel safe and secure when you contact the company. Since a locksmith has access to business valuables, it is important for you to trust your own information and if you have any red flags, keep searching for a locksmith company who can show they are reliable and trustworthy.


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