How Automatic Doors Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Every business owner understands the importance of keeping costs down while maximizing profits. Energy is one of the most expensive outgoings. So it's high time companies recognize that automatic doors are more than just a nice-looking convenience: automatic door operators for commercial buildings can save your business a lot of money.
You probably associate automatic doors with major department stores, airports and public institutions, but even the most modest premises such as offices, shops and restaurants can benefit from the energy efficiencies they provide.

Automatic Door Operators for Commercial Buildings

It's very common for retailers to leave their doors open so they can present a more welcoming appearance to shoppers. However, a huge amount of warmth is lost in the process, which means your heating system has to work hard to maintain the internal temperature while needlessly heating the street outside. Automatic doors can create just as inviting an impression as the extravagance of an open-door policy, while ensuring that you use only the energy you need.

A recent study for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which looked at a typical pharmacy, concluded that doors installed by a commercial automatic door service could save as much as 43% in energy costs. In a UK study, the figure was 54%.

At the same time, both studies observed no significant effect on customer behaviour. Neither footfall nor sales decreased. If anything, the customer experience was improved because the doors greatly reduced the exhaust fumes, draughts and noise that came in from outside.

Despite the fact that automatic doors need electricity to function, the amount used is far outweighed by the overall energy efficiency. Heat loss is far more expensive than the power needed to operate the door, so you're guaranteed a considerable net saving.

The other important contribution of automatic doors beyond the question of money is environmental. If we're serious about achieving net-zero by 2050 and halting the devastating advance of climate change, then everyone has to play a part in reducing the levels of energy we use, often without thinking about it. Heating and cooling systems are the main producers of CO2 emissions in any building. Not only is an open door letting money flow into the street, it's also damaging to the environment. This simple, cost-effective solution is an excellent way of reducing the carbon footprint of your business. It's also safe and convenient for employees and customers alike.

Which Commercial Automatic Door Service to choose?

If we've convinced you of the benefits of having automatic doors, then you'll need to know how to find a reputable company to fit them. There are various regulatory bodies that oversee the industry, but membership of these schemes is often voluntary. Without clear, universal legislative guidance, it isn't easy to select a service that can guarantee a professional, reliable job. Word of mouth is one of the best indicators of quality, but you should also check the credentials and accreditations of any company before you make a commitment. Installation needn't be complicated but it must be done correctly. The team at Pro Locksmiths is fully qualified to fit well-insulated, low-maintenance, high-speed automatic doors to your premises, however big or small.


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