Tips to Upgrade Front Door Security

Burglars and vandals can target any commercial business. One group does it for money, while the other does it out of anger or to get their kicks. What they have in common is a disregard for your property which means they don't care how much damage they cause.

Although a determined intruder will always try to find the easiest way in, security has to start with the front door because that is where most weaknesses are found. The most obvious improvement you can make is to replace old, vulnerable equipment with high security commercial locks. Lock technology is constantly advancing in an effort to keep at least one step ahead of the criminals.

Three of the Best High Security Commercial Locks

Magnetic shear locks can be fitted to virtually any kind of door frame construction. They consist of a shear keeper and lock bolt, operated by an electromagnet. The shear keeper ensures that the lock can be easily opened in an emergency without compromising its security performance. Their combination of electromagnetic and mechanical mechanisms provides a very high physical holding force. The strongest can resist the pressure of well over three thousand pounds.

Electric mortice locks also come in different grades of resistance, more than sufficient to foil the attempts of even the most determined intruder. Many of them include a motorized feature which makes them ideal for high-security glass, timer and misaligned doors.

Solenoid electric bolt locks are the perfect solution for strengthening the resilience of single or double swing commercial doors. They are suitable for every kind of door, including wooden and metal ones. Choose one which has a deadlocked latch bolt feature and allows you to control the inside and outside doors electronically. Many models give you the option of mechanical opening using a cylinder.

Other Measures

However, effective the locks you put in place, if there are other weaknesses, your premises will still be vulnerable. You could consider replacing a wooden door with a steel one, which burglars will find almost impossible to breach. Make sure you pick one with a solid core of wood, resin or strengthened cardboard rather than one with a hollow core. It should be galvanized to protect it from corrosion and the effects of high temperatures. It's also a good idea to hang it so that it opens outwards rather than inwards as this will further boost its resistance. Combine this with the best best commercial security locks and you'll increase the deterrence factor, too.

Another frequent area of weakness is the door hinges. You should use hinge screws that are at least three inches long. Anything smaller could be bent or broken if subjected to sufficient force. If a burglar comes up against inadequate hinges then your other security measures could count for nothing.

Finding an Installer of Commercial Security Locks

Good security is essential so it's vital to find an installer who has the experience, knowledge and resources to deliver on their promises. Find a company that has the accreditation of an official industry body and check their online customer reviews. It may not be the cheapest option but the benefits will be well worth it.


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