5 Considerations While Choosing the Right Commercial Locksmith

We hear so much about the need to keep data safe that the security of commercial premises is often over-looked. Whether you run a shop, office, workshop or warehouse, it's essential to preserve the integrity of your property. Technological security measures such as CCTV, sensors and alarm systems are invaluable but blocking physical access comes down to strong doors and unbreachable locks. Whether you need new commercial security locks installed, existing ones upgraded or just one-off repairs, it's vital you engage an experienced, reputable locksmith. These are some of the most important questions to help you decide.

Services and Experience

There are plenty of locksmiths who can help you out in emergencies, but you need one who has broad experience and offers a full range of services. Versatility is crucial if you're going to establish a long-term relationship of trust with your locksmith. Can they advise you on security issues? Are they able to fit new locks, upgrade old ones, provide maintenance and offer the latest technological solutions? How long have they been operating and are they familiar with any security issues specific to your area?

Professional Accreditation

The locksmith trade is not regulated by government, the police or any official body. This means that anyone can set themselves up in business, irrespective of their abilities. If you hire someone with no credentials, you're probably asking for trouble. They might have the best of intentions but if they're not up to the job, you're wasting your time and money as well as endangering your security.

While there's no regulatory body, there are plenty of voluntary bodies that locksmiths can join, such as the Ontario Locksmith Association and the Canadian Security Association. Membership is a good indicator that they will be competent and reliable in providing commercial lock services, commercial security locks and general advice.


If the locksmiths you're considering are members of any such bodies then it goes without saying that they will have insurance, since it will be a condition of membership. However, it's important to check the types and level of insurance they have. Under what circumstances can you rely on their insurance policy to provide compensation and is there a reasonable limit on pay-outs?


Make sure you have a clear understanding of your locksmith's pricing structure. What kind of call-out charges will you have to pay? Are there any discounts for long-term customers? Do their fees include parts as well as labor? Are the locks they fit covered by a warranty? What will a routine maintenance plan cost you? Don't be reluctant to ask as many questions as you like. This is an important commercial decision and you need to be able to set an affordable security budget.

Look for Local Commercial Lock Services and Experience

A skilled locksmith may be willing to travel long distances for the right level of work but there are good reasons for choosing a local business. Not only will they reach you more quickly in the case of an emergency, but their familiarity with the area will help them provide the best solutions. Supporting a local locksmith is also a way of helping the local economy.


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