Elevating Security in Style: A Guide for Choosing the Right Door Hardware

Securing your commercial premises is essential to protect against intruders, theft, vandalism and loss. Investing in the right door hardware can help to maintain the style of your building while protecting your assets, finances and personnel from unwanted visitors. Securing the Entrances The first step in protecting your property is securing exterior doors and windows

A discussion on the Efficacy of Automatic Doors in Commercial Environments

Many commercial environments, including offices, public buildings, and retail outlets, have a conflicting need to welcome visitors while reducing contact points and controlling their energy bills. The costs associated with heating and ventilating a commercial space can be very high and may spiral when external doors are propped open to allow mobility-challenged customers access or

Beyond the Key: Elevating Workplace Safety with Commercial Lock Solutions

Securing your workplace is key to protecting your assets, information, and personnel. By installing appropriate commercial security locks, you will benefit from peace of mind, improved employee well-being and long-term cost efficiencies. You will also achieve excellent security outcomes for your business. A modern approach to workplace security Traditional locks and keys have served us

From Manual to Automatic: What to Expect During Door Installation

There are many reasons as to why businesses are increasingly choosing to install automatic doors on their premises. These include hygiene, by reducing common touch points, accessibility, as users whose mobility is compromised do not need to push or pull on a door, and energy efficiency as doors cannot be left open, which would otherwise

New automatic door installations vs. retrofits – which is appropriate for you?

There are many benefits of using automatic doors in business properties. They are hygienic, reducing touch points and therefore reducing the spread of contamination. They are also energy efficient, reducing the heat and ventilation loss from a building that can occur when doors are propped open or not shut manually as people enter or exit

How to Integrate Electronic Locksets into Modern Business Operations

Have you ever left home and then worried all day about whether you locked the front door? Have you ever returned home from work and realized that you left your key at the office? These situations happen more often than you might realize and are one reason many homeowners are choosing to fit their domestic

What is TL-30 & How It Provides Ultimate Safety

In running a commercial or retail operation, you need to know that your stock and money are as secure as possible. This requires an appropriate safe. In this post, we explore whether a TL-30 safe offers better security than a TL-15 safe. What are TL-30 safes? TL-30 safes are high-security safes that are guaranteed to

6 Types of Storefront Doors That Ensure Security (Get Expert Tips too)

Commercial lock services cater to a wide range of clients. When security doors are fitted and maintained by a commercial door service provider, you will benefit from peace of mind and a reduced crime rate. Retail store operators have a responsibility to protect their employees, assets and customers. One way in which they do this

The Role of Biometric Technology in Commercial Door Security

All businesses, whatever sector they operate within, are familiar with the need to implement effective security solutions to safeguard their stock, premises, reputation, intellectual property, finances, and personnel. As technology and its range of uses continue to rapidly expand, new technologies become available, including high-security door locks that feature biometric technology. Let’s explore the role

Improving Business Safety: The Advantages of Professional Locksmith Services

Running a business is expensive. Premises rental, stock and insurance are expensive. So, imagine if you were a victim of crime and then your insurance company refused to foot the bill because it turns out the locks which secured your business premises were unsatisfactory. This scenario would be disastrous for most businesses and for some,

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