5 Features of High-Security Locks to Improve Security

From factories to offices, schools and universities to infrastructure, government facilities and healthcare, security is critical. High-security locks are an essential part of that security. There are many reasons why these have set the global standard for institutions and enterprises of every kind. Here we look at just five of their main advantages.

Intruder Resistance

This is the primary concern when sourcing the most effective locking systems. High-security locks are impossible to pick because only a professional locksmith equipped with the right tools can breach them without a key. But what about breaking them open? They are constructed from the toughest steel to resist the most extreme brute force and they are highly resistant to drilling because their internal mechanisms are protected by ceramic plates or steel pins and cylinders. They can defeat even the most determined intruder. This keeps buildings and contents safe as well as virtually eliminating the need to spend money on repair and replacement.

Key Control

For operational convenience, keys need to be available to various members of staff, but this presents a security risk if a key is lost or stolen. High-security locks have a restricted keyway system which means they can't be duplicated without the express authorisation of the facility owner or manager.


High-security locks have the flexibility to be customized. This means every location, both external and internal, can be given the specific protection and functionality it needs.


If a key is lost or stolen, your first instinct may be to replace the entire lock. With a high-security locking system, this isn't necessary because any lock can be reset, allowing you to use new keys, safe in the knowledge that the missing key will no longer open it. This feature allows you to update not just location-specific keys but also master keys.

Remote Monitoring

High-security locks give you the option to manage them remotely, using apps or computers to set alarms and lock or unlock doors, cabinets and windows. Not only does this give you central control, but it also means you'll receive an instant notification if anyone has interfered with any part of the system.

Medeco Locksmith

Medeco is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of locks which specializes in high-security solutions for business and public sector services. It has been a major innovator in the field since 1968. Headquartered in the USA with a major Canadian presence, Medeco Locksmith supplies customers across six continents.

Medeco High-Security Lock Solutions

As you'd expect from a specialist provider of security products and services, Medeco offers a comprehensive range of locks and other security measures, including deadbolts, retrofitted cylinders, mortise locks and specially designed devices for banks, vending equipment, traffic cabinets, cam, switch and cabinet locks, all benefiting from patented key control. They can be constantly monitored with key tracking software, which makes security management easy, reliable and effective.

Robust yet versatile, high-security locks are made from the strongest materials and designed with state-of-the-art technological capabilities that make them much more than simply impenetrable. If you want to simplify your security without compromising on your protection, then we highly recommend that you consider installing a Medeco high-security lock in every access point.


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