5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider High Security Commercial Locks

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your home and family without the best protection money can buy, so why not treat your business the same way? Every business has valuable assets on site, whether it is expensive materials, moveable goods, financial assets or intellectual property. That means that predators may target you at any time. You need to ensure that you protect those valuable assets, and commercial locks play an important role in keeping your premises secure.

Five key benefits you can enjoy by using high security commercial locks

1.      As technology evolves, so does the complexity of modern locking systems. The quest to produce a lock that is unbreachable in all circumstances continues, but today’s high-security locks offer the most comprehensive and reliable protection available. Because they are produced to exacting standards and fitted by highly trained professional locksmiths, they are effective in resisting unauthorized entry by brute force, drilling or lock-picking.

2.      Modern security technology is regulated by industry standards, and these standards are constantly reviewed and updated. It is easy to check that the company fitting your commercial locks is recognized as an accredited provider, which means you will have the peace of mind of knowing you can trust their service to deliver on everything it promises.

3.      As is routine in the motor industry, restricted keyways can give you an extra layer of protection by strictly limiting the availability of duplicate keys. Your locksmith will have exclusive authorization to produce copies and can do so only with clear written consent from the business owner or designated employees. Furthermore, the key blanks cannot be bought on the open market, which further limits the opportunity of a present or former employee gaining unsanctioned access.

4.      You may choose to protect your premises and staff during the working day with security guards or access procedures operable only by authorized personnel. However, the real threats can arise outside of working hours. Your commercial locksmith should offer emergency service, which means you’ll get rapid response, repair and reinstatement of your security system. Professional locksmiths won’t treat an emergency as a rush job - they will do everything possible to return the locking system to full working order.

5.      Finally, there is the matter of insurance. Every business needs it, but no one enjoys paying for it! However, if you protect your business with high security commercial locks - especially those that are manufactured and fitted to the industry standard - you will see the benefits of your sound judgment reflected in your insurance premiums.

These are just five of the many advantages of these locks. Any invasion of your business premises is serious, regardless of the level of financial loss an intruder inflicts. It damages your income and your reputation, it hurts your employees, and it impacts your customers. The cost of high-security protection is amply repaid in the savings, protection and peace of mind it brings.


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