The Art and Science of Key Cutting and Copying

So, you're looking for key cutting Toronto services (also known as key copying)?

Well, your favourite local Toronto locksmith, Pro Locksmiths, have it down to an art and a science.

It seems pretty easy: you move into a new place, they give you a set of keys, you immediately trundle on down to Home Depot and get 4 more sets made up for family members and spares. Yet if you’ve ever come home to find out, to your frustration, that those new keys don’t work, you’ll have realized that key cutting isn’t always as simple and straightforward as it seems.

Here’s what you may not have known about key cutting.

Not All Keys are Created Equal for Key Copying

To give one example: electronic car keys. If you buy an after-market key online, it may be impossible to cut and program it due to the inferior quality of the chip or the key material itself. At Pro Locksmiths, we recommend always using genuine manufacturer keys and remotes rather than the cheaper alternatives, which can lack much-needed quality controls that make it impossible for the keys to work properly, or can even damage your car. Note: We do program keys and remotes for most vehicles, if they are genuine parts. Some makes can only be programmed by an authorized car dealer.

Types of Keys We Cut

As in our scenario above, it’s good to get spare keys made before you lose or damage your set of keys. Hindsight is 20/20! However, sometimes it just isn’t possible. In that case, we’ll get you into your home or automobile and attempt to get you a new set of keys based on your current lock. If that isn’t possible (in the case of certain patented keys that cannot be duplicated) re-keying can be an inexpensive solution.

If you need key copying services to make spare keys for:

  • Cylinder Locks (typical house key)
  • Mortise Locks
  • Garage Door
  • Windows
  • Padlocks
  • Tubular Keys
  • Vehicles/transponders
  • Cupboard/Desk drawer/Locker Keys
  • Restricted access commercial keys
  • Some patented keys
  • Safes
  • Various specialty brands/makes/models of locks

Pro Locksmiths can help. Just swing on by our centrally located showroom or give us a call. We also do speciality types of keys like vintage and antique or ancient keys, which you might need to open a vintage suitcase you’ve purchased at auction, or to open a church door, antique cabinet, or even (if you’re really lucky) a treasure chest!

Expert Key Cutting in Toronto at Reasonable Prices

Did you know that part of the reason those brand new keys didn’t work has to do with hand finishing? Hand finishing is something our technicians will do once the key comes out of the cutting machine, to ensure there are no minute protuberances, irregularities or sharp edges that could score the inside of your lock or break off inside the lock, which can potentially damage your lock’s reliability and even leave you locked out of your own home. Our keys are cut to code, then we go that extra mile to ensure you have the best quality keys that will last and last…at prices that are competitive with other professional Toronto locksmiths.

Next time you need a key of any kind…trust the Pros!


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