Burglar-proof your home this summer!




Summertime, and the living is…dangerous? While summer means kicking back and enjoying good, relaxing times to most people, to burglars it means getting down to business. Years of Hollywood stereotypes may have trained us to think of a burglar as someone dressed in black skulking around in the dark, but most burglars actually do much better for themselves in completely opposite conditions – broad daylight, looking just like everybody else.


This summer, make sure your home is protected from burglars with the common sense home security tips below. Still not sure whether your property is safe enough? If you live in a neighbourhood or building that routinely experiences break-ins, perhaps without forced entry (indicating someone has a master key or copies of homeowners’ keys) you might need the added security provided by a home security audit from Pro Locksmiths. We’ll come to your home and ‘think like a burglar’, addressing all the vulnerable points in and around your home, and providing expert recommendations for the improvements and products you need to tighten things up and keep unauthorized people out.

Tips for beating summer burglars at their own game

Here’s a question for you: where is a burglar most likely to get in? If you said ‘by the front door’, you’re absolutely right – it’s a lot easier than trying to shimmy through a window, that’s for sure! Summertime is a great time for thieves to break in because in July and August, many Canadians head north to the cottage, leaving their homes empty for extended periods. Here are some tips to keep your home and valuables safe:

  • Before you leave for the cottage, check the entire home and make sure that doors and windows are closed and locked – including the garage door!
  • Mow the lawn and put away lawn toys and yard maintenance equipment before you go, even for the weekend. An unkempt yard can be a sign of absentee owners.
  • Make sure someone is collecting mail, flyers and leaflets for you so the place doesn’t look vacant.
  • Let neighbours know where you’re going and your anticipated return date – even if you’re not particularly friendly with your neighbours. Just slip a note in your immediate neighbours’ mailboxes saying that you’re going on vacation; leave your emergency contact number just in case. This is good for a lot of reasons, but the most basic is that if they notice ‘workmen’ carrying out the flat screen TV, a red flag will go up for them. Otherwise they could just think you are renovating or moving out.
  • Place a security bar between the patio sliding door and door jam. The latch alone may not be secure enough to ward off a determined thief who has the luxury of daylight and an empty home on his or her side.

When common-sense measures are not enough…

Sometimes locking up tight just isn’t sufficient – especially if what you’re locking up with was made a couple dozen years ago! Eventually, all locksets can exhibit signs of wear and tear, or may simply be inadequate. Given that there are so many new high security products on the market – many of them keyless – it just makes sense to upgrade security features periodically.

You may choose to add a home alarm system for an extra layer of protection, make sure a good deadbolt is installed on every door, or add Smart features so you can remotely view exactly what is happening on your property.

It pays to think like a burglar! Call Pro Locksmiths, and have a safe and wonderful summer.


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