Choosing the Right Automatic Doors for Your Business.

Automatic doors are more or less doors, serving mostly as the point of interaction between the main entry of a building, and the street sidewalk. There are several types of automatic doors, and selecting the right type would be one of those choices you would have to make while constructing, or considering the building for your business.

Automatic doors are great for those businesses with a high foot traffic. To choose the right automatic door for your business, you have to understand the types of automatic doors, and how they might suit your needs.

Types of Automatic Doors

1. Swinging doors:

Swinging automatic doors are those automatic doors that swing in or out, similar to the traditional doors. These types of doors are mostly used for unidirectional, or one-way traffic, and they can come in single or double variants – this basically depends on how you intend to control the flow of traffic.

These doors tend to swing this way and that, so they might not be the best option for businesses that require a lot of space – especially for those within cities where space is a luxury.

2. Sliding doors:

Sliding doors are very common because of how they help manage space – they move horizontally, on a single line. This option is perfect for businesses where there is no predefined system for entry or exit.

Sliding doors are usually transparent, so they can be used for businesses where you want people have a good view of what you have in your building, or store before stepping inside. They are also great for businesses with a high-foot traffic. This option comes in several variants. A single slider that uses one panel, and the bi-slider that uses two panels. Also, there are the telescopic sliding doors, which use two panels as well, but have one panel sliding on top of the other until the passage is completely open.

3. Revolving doors:

These doors are great for businesses located in an environment where the air is cold and heat is regarded as valuable. The revolving doors also come in multiple variants, all made of glass. There are some with two wings, some with three wings, and even others with three wings – each of them is efficient in allowing a multiple number of people walk in and out of the building at any given time. Because the entrances are always revolving and never fully open, it helps to trap heat inside the building and leave the cold out.

4. Folding doors:

Health care facilities, such as laboratories and hospitals, will find these doors especially rewarding – as well warehouses. These doors take even less space than the sliding doors, because they fold in the same manner as an accordion – making them the best option for businesses which require much space.

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