When it comes to security, watch your mouth!

At Pro Locksmiths, we’ve been helping GTA residents with all their home security needs for over three decades. As you can imagine, in well over 30 years, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen regrettable situations where people waited to upgrade their home security until they were broken into and lost everything. We’ve had the privilege of helping businesses get their security under control by devising affordable commercial locksmith solutions to keep their priceless data, cash and inventory protected. And, we’ve seen perhaps the saddest type of security breach imaginable: where the property owner opens the door, literally and figuratively, to the thief.

We’re speaking, of course, about situations where theft occurred not through unauthorized access, but through people who were known and trusted by the victims. When it comes to property theft, the sensational break-ins and home invasions get all the attention, but in real life a majority of property crimes are committed by people we know and even love. It’s the most tragic type of theft because in addition to the missing goods there is the terrible sense of betrayal and loss that also occurs.

At Pro Locksmiths, we can supply you with the highest quality deadbolts and electronic locksets; we can install your security cameras and master key systems, your wall safes and your revolving doors. We can get you back into your house and car when you’re locked out. And so much more. But what we can’t do is let untrustworthy people into your inner sanctum and give them a crack at your worldly possessions. Only YOU can do that.


Here’s how to keep yourself safe and stop creating opportunities for the unethical people in your life to take advantage of your home, business, and property.


  1. Loose lips make people jealous and can turn ordinary friends and family members into thieves. Yes, it stinks that your simple desire to share in the excitement of a new prized possession, awesome antique or collectible, or Christmas bonus can activate the green-eyed monster in friends and family, but it often does. Many burglaries happen because a family member or friend blabs about their new safe, or even worse, what is inside. Even if friends or family aren’t the primary betrayers, they in turn could gossip to a co-worker, friend or other relative, or someone could be listening in on your conversation. Do not let people know how much income you have, what hot new items you’ve just purchased, or where you store your valuables!
  2. Do not co-sign, act as guarantor, or give a supplementary credit card to anyone, or give your credit card numbers, Social Insurance Number or bank card PIN to anyone. If that sounds like a no-brainer, consider that awesome friend who doesn’t have a credit card but needs to order hot lunches for her child online, and the site won’t take prepaid Visa. Or the bro who wants to make a beer run but is low on cash, so you hand him your debit card to expedite things but the store doesn’t have tap tech yet. Hmmm, tempting, right? There’s a reason why your friend still can’t get a credit card, cell phone credit plan, car loan or mortgage. Identity theft often stems from people we know and trust, but shouldn’t.
  3. Get references from a house sitter. A house sitter is supposed to keep an eye on things while you are on vacation or business trips, looking after your pets, collecting mail, keeping your yard under control and turning on lights to show that the property is occupied. We’re all for this - it makes you less vulnerable to burglars. In addition, a house sitter can safeguard against unforeseen events like leaking pipes, ensuring they don’t do major damage unchecked. But what about the potential damage from the house-sitter? Choosing someone who is less than trustworthy can ensure you come home to a ton of grief.  When in doubt that you can trust friends to do the job, consider an insured professional service like trustedhousesitters.com rather than putting your spare keys – and your home – in the hands of someone less than desirable.

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