Commercial vs. Residential Locksmith – What’s the Difference?

Unless you own a crazy huge business like McDonald’s, you might be diffident about hiring a commercial locksmith. After all, what’s the difference between a commercial locksmith in Toronto and their residential counterpart? Locks are locks, right? And more importantly, won’t a commercial locksmith charge an arm and a leg when they’re really providing the same service as the guy you called the last time you locked your keys in the house?

While many Toronto locksmiths provide both commercial and residential services – Pro Locksmiths included – you need to choose one you can trust to provide the most efficient commercial locksmith services in Toronto. When it comes to your business, security goes well beyond a simple lockout! Whether it’s time to upgrade security at your storefront, office or industrial site, or whether you’ve never paid much attention to commercial security and have just paid the price with a break-in, you can count on us to meet your needs as we have helped countless other commercial and industrial clients in the GTA.

The logical choice for Toronto property managers and other businesses, too

When Toronto-area property managers are looking for a reputable commercial locksmith to take provide security solutions for their rental units, we are the obvious choice: we’ve serviced commercial clients for over 30 years, so we really know our stuff! We offer installation of the best brands of security products like:

  • High-security locks
  • Industrial door locks
  • Keypad locking systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Master-keyed padlocks
  • Push-button locks
  • Handicap (automatic) doors
  • Panic bars and devices
  • Fire and theft-resistant safes

And of course, you can turn to us for expert installation of all the high quality hardware associated with your commercial security needs, from hinges to door closers, door handles, door knobs, and all the other attendant hardware.

Start protecting your business now

It’s true that the specialized commercial access systems your business may require, can cost more than the simple manual locks you’d find protecting any home. But can you really put a price on peace of mind? You can’t spend your whole life at the office, so when you’re not there, make sure your important documents, electronic data and valuables are being kept safe and secure. Whether you need replacement locks or lock repair on filing cabinets, desks, work stations, or exterior locks and security systems, we can help ensure that admittance to your precious business is restricted to authorized persons only – and that within your company, only employees with the right security clearance can access your most important work.

Do you really want to leave your business security in the hands of a mainly residential locksmith? Or would you prefer a Toronto commercial locksmith with the most up-to-date know how and professional skills to fully protect your business with the latest in cutting edge commercial security products? Pro Locksmiths is the professional, reliable choice for all your commercial locksmith needs!


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