Community Alert! There’s been a break-in in your neighbourhood.

When Toronto Police leave a brochure in your mailbox stating that your neighbour has been broken into, you may naturally feel shock and apprehension: is your home next? Unfortunately, it could be – because the police don’t go to the trouble of making communities aware of imminent dangers until crimes have already occurred more than once. It’s likely that a rash of break-ins, incidences of vandalism, or outdoor property thefts have been reported and police are now making people aware of how they can protect themselves.

So, other than being alert for suspicious people* lurking about who don’t seem to have a good reason to be in the neighbourhood – which, while always a good idea, isn’t necessarily foolproof and can lead to excessive suspicion – what can you do to make sure your home is safe?

Toronto locksmith to the rescue!

Calling a reputable Toronto locksmith like Pro Locksmiths can be your first step towards protecting your home. We can come out to your home and perform a FREE home security consultation to help you identify problems in and around your home. For example, we will look at the key elements of your existing security and take note of what could be potential entry points for intruders, and make recommendations as to what security improvements could be made.

Some of the areas that Pro Locksmiths will examine, include:


  • Do you have a peep hole?
  • Are your doors solid core?
  • Does the door fit securely in the door jamb?
  • What is the length of the screws that fasten the strike plate to the door frame?
  • Have your door locks been re-keyed in the past two years?
  • Are you equipped with deadbolts?
  • Are your sliding doors equipped with anti-lift devices?


  • What type of windows do you currently have? Single pane? Double?
  • Are your windows often left open or fully fastened and secured?
  • Do at-grade and basement windows have auxiliary locks?
  • Can a burglar see right into your home through sheers or insufficient drapery?
  • Are window unit air conditioners properly secured?

Toronto locksmiths can help with other security needs, too

Whether a friendly, capable Pro Locksmiths tech comes to your premises, chats with you on the phone, or demonstrates security solutions at our fully equipped showroom, we are also able to make recommendations about security measures that can protect you inside your home – such as fire and flood-resistant safes and electronic home security systems that can include entry codes, sensors and intercoms to provide the most advanced layers of security available on the market.

Don’t wait for your home to be next on some burglar’s list. Call Pro Locksmiths today and get security solutions, fast!


*Note: If you do spot someone you believe is suspicious, do not let them into your home or tell them any information about yourself or your neighbours. Try to make a note of what they look like – gender, age, height, weight, hair colour, clothing, etc. – and if they are driving, try to get their plate number. Then report this information to the Toronto P


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