Complement your Doors with the Right Knobs & Handles

Your front door is one of the first things people will look at when they visit your property, and the appearance of your door says a lot about your home or office. If you take pride in your property, then it makes sense to give it a front door that is in keeping with the rest of the building. There are many types of front doors and choosing one that contributes value to your property is more than simply painting it a colour you like - it needs the right furniture and front door locksets too.

Door furniture is a term for doors, handles, knockers, or any other accessories you might feature on your front door. Knobs and handles may not be a subject you have thought much about, but when you look into it, you'll find there is a huge variety available. The array of shapes and styles is enormous, and even the colors available vary a great deal too, from gold accents with bronze, to a silvery finish and the shiny glamor of chrome plating.

Practical and Beautiful

An effective door handle or doorknob not only needs to look good, it must also work hard. Every day it is being grasped and manipulated to get the door open and shut. So, it needs to be reliable and durable on top of being stylish. Choosing the right style of handle or doorknob is important to enhance the appearance of your premises and quality door handles and knobs are usually a worthwhile investment as they will last for many years.

When choosing door handles or knobs, think about the metal finishes already present. It's a good idea to choose door furniture that complements the metal and finishes already present where possible. The era in which your property was built is also vital. A building constructed in the 1920s may look jarring with a high-tech door handle designed for a brand-new structure. Consider door furniture that enhances the architecture of your building, or even contrasts with it in an interesting way.

If your door is very plain, then a highly decorative door knob may add appeal. A door with many design features may look its best with a sleek and understated design. Vintage designs may give doors to older properties an injection of elegance.

Complete the Look with Stylish Front Door Locksets

After finding a knob or handle that complements your front door and the rest of the property, don't overlook the front door locksets. Ideally, the material should match that of the handle or knob to create a coherent look. Front door locksets vary in design and appearance, so models that integrate with the rest of the door furniture will contribute to an overall appearance that is co-ordinated and polished.

Well-chosen door furniture should not be overlooked when installing or refurbishing a front door. Knobs, handles and locks made from fine materials to high standards will give your front door an aura of quality. So many designs are available, that with a little investigation, you will surely find great choices that make your door look welcoming and elegant.


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