Corporate Locksmith helps GTA commercial businesses stay safe

At Pro Locksmiths, we like to be modest about our success in serving the locksmith needs of Toronto-area businesses, whether they’re rental properties or hotels or industrial warehouses or anything else. But every now and then comes a story so great we have to quote it:

“We had an old employee sneak back into the shop with his key and start smashing things up. He was making threats and really scared Colleen, my current assistant. Thank goodness there were no customers in the store at the time because she had just opened. As soon as Colleen told me what had happened, I started researching corporate locksmiths in Toronto. Soon I was on the phone to Pro Locksmiths. Dave came right away to look at our security and put a sticker up on the door. Next morning he was back installing the CCTV cameras and high-security locks we had chosen. All the work was done very professionally and it’s all warrantied, the service was warm and friendly, and the price was competitive according to the homework I had done online. We’re not worried anymore about getting hurt or getting our inventory damaged.”

The customer who wrote this testimonial for us was really happy with our work, prices and service – and most importantly, he feels safe and secure now. He represents just one of the hundreds of satisfied business owners who choose Pro Locksmith to protect their Greater Toronto Area companies, large and small.

Commercial locksmith provides reliable, affordable services

A lot of our valued commercial customers tell us that they would have beefed up their security long ago but they thought today’s advanced systems were probably astronomically expensive. In fact, the reverse is true: electronic security systems have really come down in price, like most other electronics. Great security doesn’t have to break the bank. But most Toronto small businesses don’t even have to go with a professionally monitored security system in order to have peace of mind for themselves, their staff, their data, and their precious inventory. Our goal instead is to provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations by saving your business money wherever possible. We’ll never come in and recommend an expensive product you don’t understand. Instead, we’ll perform a careful and thorough assessment of your business, inside and out, to determine what security solutions could work best. Then we’ll offer you our recommendations in a report and provide any necessary information as you choose which systems best meet your needs and budget.

Technical know-how is key in a commercial locksmith

One important thing we know at Pro Locksmiths that other GTA locksmiths don’t necessarily seem to realize is, you, the client, are not a locksmith! When you call us, we don’t expect you to diagnose what’s wrong; that’s our job. All our technicians are trained in a wide variety of different applications, so you can rest assured that the tech who shows up is capable of assessing and handling your job without multiple trips or bringing on new specialists. Whether you need card access installation and software, manual locks and keys, automatic doors, or anything in between, we will make sure everything is functioning properly – so you don’t have to call us again.

Make the one call that makes all the difference to your commercial security. Call Pro Locksmiths, your corporate locksmith in Toronto!


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