Electronic Entry Systems 1: The Intercom

You might be worried about vandalism, theft, or physical safety and wondering if old fashioned manual locks are going to be sufficient for your home or business. If that’s you, it might be time to look into electronic access control systems. Sophisticated criminals can bypass regular locks but they are often stymied by comprehensive electronic entry systems.

At Pro Locksmiths, we and our partners carry a complete line of security products to control access to your residential property or commercial facility, including gate operators, telephone access systems, card readers, automatic doors with bullet-resistant glass, surveillance cameras, fibre optics, and more. We’ll evaluate your security needs to design the most effective security system to fit your budget and security goals.

Today we’ll look a little more closely at one possible component of an electronic entry system: The intercom system.

Intercom systems are good for both residences and commercial buildings

Did you think intercom systems were only for the very rich? We’ve obviously all seen too many Bond movies where Rolls Royce-driving supervillains are buzzed in, through ornate gates of course, via an intercom. But today’s contemporary intercoms have a host of practical features, like live video for example; some even function like a doorbell would. There are several different types of intercoms that might suit you, depending on your needs. For example, you may wish to communicate with other people, be they your guests, employees or family members, in various different parts of the same building; there’s an intercom for that.

Types of modern intercoms

The wireless intercom system is not a thing of the future; these systems not only exist in the here and now, they have come down in price significantly, and anyone who can put in batteries can install one. These units often come with handheld receivers and speakers that can be strategically placed for internal/external communication. One significant disadvantage, however, is that much like those annoying remote control cars that all work on the same frequency, other types of electronic devices, such as baby monitors, can interfere with the signal - causing unwanted static and distortions.

Hardwired intercom units need to be put in when the central electrical system of a property is being installed, therefore, it’s important to consider this expense carefully at the time of building or making substantial gut renos to a home or building. Technicians have to professionally install systems of this nature, which is one of the reasons for the added expense, however, it’s not to be overlooked as an option for the security-conscious. All the wiring is sealed internally, making these systems easy on the eye, and other electronics will not interfere with a hardwired intercom system.

Another choice for smaller buildings, like residential homes, is the carrier-current intercom system that works on alternating electrical current. It’s broadcast on an AM radio frequency, so there’s no interference from other devices.

Intercom envy?

If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of an intercom system or other security system, trust Pro Locksmiths for expert advice on residential and commercial electronic entry systems! Our family-owned and operated company has the expertise needed to sell, install and service the right components that will ensure your security and peace of mind, at home and at work. Call us today for a free security audit.





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