Electronic locksets and alarms

Sometimes, manual locks just don’t cut the mustard. Perhaps you have a business to protect, and are worried that those old conventional security measures are leaving you vulnerable to unwanted elements. Or perhaps you’ve locked and barred your door at home and still came home one day to find someone else there. Whatever the case may be, it could be time to adopt a new, smart approach to residential and commercial security. Pro Locksmiths knows how.

Commercial security starts here

When your facility should only be accessible to the people who work there, we sell, install and service digital sensor and code-activated access control systems for all kinds of commercial customers, including:

  • Builders and Developers
  • General Contractors
  • Storefront Owners
  • Apartment Building Owners
  • Office Building Owners and Property Managers
  • Commercial Business Parks Owners and Property Managers
  • Medical Buildings
  • Multi-Unit Residential Property Managers
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres
  • Industrial Site Managers
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerages and Agents
  • Residential Real Estate Brokerages and Agents

…and many more. With different security clearance levels encoded onto your personnel’s key cards, you can rest easy knowing that your employees can only go where they are authorized to go. Whether you need alarm locks, panic alarms, motion detectors, vaults, CCTV, or any combination of these, we will design an access control system that’s intuitive and easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to thwart the most determined intruder.

Did you know there are commercial-grade security products on the market that are compatible with existing systems and other brands? To name but one example, Securitron’s Digital Keypad Controller provides standalone control of up to two electrically locked doors, and it’s also compatible with Wiegand and ASSA ABLOY Aperio technologies. The keypad’s ability to independently control one or two doors and accommodate up to 250 users per door, as well as its ease of programming and cost-effectiveness, makes it a great choice for many small businesses. If you already have a security system in place, it may not be necessary to reinvent the wheel; complimentary technologies may provide the upgrades you need to make your workplace more secure.

Residential security systems for a 24/7 world

Put simply, who doesn’t want to feel safe in their home? It’s where we raise our children and store our valuables. With electronic door locks such as those made by Kwikset, you don’t have to worry about lost, forgotten or stolen keys anymore! You just use your own personal code to enter your home and lock your door with just one push of a button. You also get more control over who can access your home. Instead of getting extra keys cut for relatives, babysitters and tradespeople – keys that might not necessarily find their way back to you – you can just assign a temporary code to whoever needs one and delete it when the time comes. Keyless electronic door lock systems are easy to program and use, and operate on regular batteries.

As a full service locksmith in Toronto and a recognized home alarm security system integrator, we’ll start by providing a complete security assessment for your home or business. Our report will review any and all security risks, as well as what you have that’s working well. We’ll give recommendations on the products and solutions that will mitigate or eliminate your risk. Let Pro Locksmiths help protect your business, property and family! Call us today for a no obligation quote.









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