First Things to Do After Someone Breaks into Your Office

Finding your offices have been broken into is going to be a hugely stressful event for any business owner. With the stress, the rational thinking behind getting the essential tasks done can sometimes become unclear. The emotions involved can cloud judgment, leading to you potentially doing things in the wrong order and inadvertently getting in the way of the police investigation or other parts of the process. One of these tasks should be getting in touch with the best locksmith in Toronto to have them take a look at your security and change locks or secure windows if necessary.

Don't Panic!

The key to securing your business premises and mitigating against any losses incurred following a break in is to remain rational. As with any stressful event, the body can go into panic mode, which can really hurt your response to the event. Take a deep breath and read our checklist, working logically through the steps.

Keep out of the building

If you are the first person in the building, either getting in first in the morning or after attending an alarm call, it is vital that you do not enter the building. If the burglary happens when the building is occupied, evacuate calmly. If the burglar is still in the building, they could potentially endanger your customers or staff.

Call the police

Getting in touch with the police should be your next step. You should, however, only dial 911 if you believe the burglary is still in progress. If you think the burglary happened many hours ago, use the non-emergency contact number. The police will usually attend to gather evidence including from your CCTV as well as any fingerprints.

You may also want to take photographs to send to your insurers, but do not disturb anything or enter until the police have confirmed that it is safe to do so.

Secure your building with the best locksmith in Toronto

You may well not be able to replace doors and windows immediately, depending on what the police have said. It is, however, vital to secure your building against further intruders. Broken windows should be boarded up if they cannot be replaced immediately and damaged doors should also be secured. Contacting the best locksmith in Toronto will help you to get this done quickly and effectively.

If you cannot find any evidence as to where the intruders gained access, it is important that you look at changing any electronic key codes, as it could well be that the burglars know these.

Take care of the insurance issues

Once you have a police report, you will need to get in touch with your insurance company in order to recover any losses sustained in the burglary. The insurance company may attend your property, ask for photos or contact the police for further information about the break-in.

A break-in is an incredibly traumatic event, so be sure to keep in touch with your employees. They may be feeling insecure following the burglary. Likewise, you should communicate any disruption to clients so that they are aware of any delay.


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