Automatic Handicap Door Opener Services in Toronto

Whether you're looking for automatic door openers or handicap door & installation services in Toronto to make your commercial property accessible, you've found the right local locksmith.

Perhaps when you look at a door, you notice the colour or hardware, but that’s unusual; most of us register little more than an entryway to where they want to go. Now imagine that you’re physically challenged with a disability that makes that door not an entryway, but an obstacle. In a big city like the GTA, tens of thousands of elderly and disabled people face this reality each day. Temporary ramps like those provided by Stop Gap can make things easier for people in wheelchairs or shoppers who have strollers, large carts or assistive devices. But true accessibility for your business begins with automatic doors.

Automatic Doors Openers in Toronto

Automatic doors openers, colloquially known as ‘sliding’ or ‘handicap’ doors, open and close automatically for access that is barrier-free. Doors can revolve, swing open, or slide from side to side, automatically when motion sensors are triggered or when buttons are pushed. Other types of automatic doors openers in Toronto that commercial businesses might find useful are operated with key fobs or card readers to provide restricted, secure access to employees.

Manual doors can be automated for use by the differently abled, which often occurs in residential settings. In commercial businesses in Toronto, handicap doors are most often installed by businesses and offices that:

  • Have a high volume of foot traffic
  • Want to allow for a lot of entering and exiting without letting in the elements
  • Appeal to a wide clientele

Handicap Door Opener Installation in Toronto

Pro Locksmiths provides expert installation and servicing of automatic handicap door openers, even if you didn’t purchase them from our showroom. We are a leading supplier and installer of all types of handicap doors, auto-door operators and hardware. All our services are competitively priced for our clients, who include contractors, developers, builders, retailers and others in the demanding GTA marketplace.

Accessibility: Soon to be the Law in Ontario

Having fully accessible commercial handicap doors is more than just helpful for people who have mobility issues. Soon, accessibility is going to be the law in Ontario. The AODA, legislation for Ontario residents with disabilities, goes into effect in 2025, and it will mean that most companies do legally have to become fully accessible. Many business owners are making the decision to convert to high quality handicap doors even sooner than the deadline, because automatic doors provide for more foot traffic and are easier to use for most customers, not just those with disabilities.

Pro Locksmiths Handicap Automatic Door Opener Services in Toronto

If you are interested in making your business more accessible, more energy-efficient, and easier for your customers to shop with you, contact Pro Locksmiths today. Our highly trained sales staff will respond to your inquiry right away with all the information you’ll need to get started. We’ll visit your site, review your options for the automatic doors that would best suit your building and business, and provide you with a free estimate that includes the product and installation by our dependable installation technicians. Get started on the path to accessibility, with one number to call: 416 488 2111.


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