Home security tech: the future is now

If you’re still making do with the good old lock ‘n key combo, you aren’t doing anything wrong; traditional manual locks have secured valuables, kept out intruders and protected property from unauthorized entry for centuries. But technological advances, once reserved for science fiction novels (or at the very least, mega-corporations that could afford space-age tech), are changing the face of home security. If you’re tech savvy, you can easily and efficiently DIY instead of working with a home monitoring service. Here are 5 high-tech ways to protect your home that we are loving right now.

  1. Smart locks: we’re locksmiths, after all, so it makes sense that we love smart door locks. Basically, these locks use Bluetooth technology in your phone or key fob to identify your presence and unlock the door or control the garage. It’s great for when your hands are full of groceries, pets or children! You can also get smart door locks that connect to the WiFi instead of Bluetooth, though of course these depend on a stable Internet connection or could potentially make you vulnerable to a security breach, so we prefer Bluetooth-based smart locks.
  2. Sensors: Love the idea of added security, but don’t want to constantly re-enact the Capoeira laser scene from Ocean’s Twelve in your living room? Don’t worry, today’s home sensors just sense your presence to automatically open and close doors and windows. You can wink, wave and clap your way around the house, getting your home to react like magic…or monitor your smart device for motion triggers that will alert you if anyone tries to break in. Just like the movie kind, home sensors also have sirens to warn intruders that the law is on its way.
  3. Home automation: A whole bunch of tech advances rolled into one, complete home automation allows you to control access, security systems, lighting, camera feeds, temperature and other features all over your property, from any location in the world, via your smart phone or tablet. This kind of remote monitoring replaces the need to hire someone to keep an eye on your property and takes the onus off neighbours to report strange occurrences to you if you’re going to be away for an extended period. You don’t have to spend your vacation staring at grainy images of your home’s exterior; technology alerts you if anything happens and reminds you when to make changes as needed.
  4. Smart garage: Do you ever wish you could control your garage door even when you’re not at home? There’s an app for that. It’s also wonderful for when you have locked your keys inside the house, or forgotten to close the garage door on your way out. Many systems even have motion detectors to stop doors from closing on children or pets.
  5. Fingerprint locks: What’s next for homeowners, the eyeball scan? Why not? It makes sense to use your own unique ID to prevent just anybody from gaining access to your precious home. Fingerprint scanning devices and fingerprint door locks are still in the early stages (i.e. for people in a higher income bracket) but gradually the tech is filtering down to the rest of us.

Do you have questions about whether your home security needs to enter the 21st century? Call or come into our showroom to discuss the latest products to keep your family and property safe and protected.


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