How Access Control Systems Can Be Integrated with Automatic Door Openers?

Security is one of many essential concerns that exercise the mind of a business owner. It's important not just to protect your premises outside business hours, but also to protect you, your employees, your assets, and your property during business hours. At Pro Locksmiths, we provide the leading automatic door service in Toronto, so we can offer you all the advice you could need.

What is a Commercial Automatic Door Opener?

As its name suggests, it's a device powered by electricity that opens or closes a door on command. It is commonly used in busy public places such as hospitals where it is vital to manage the flow of people but is equally useful in many commercial environments.

How the command to open or close is received and transmitted depends on the access control system. Only selected personnel can operate it, by using some form of authorized credential, usually a code, a portable keypad, or some other remote device.

Once the access control system validates the command, it will open the door, keep it open for 5-10 seconds and then close automatically. That's how you get in. It is often sufficient to wave your hand in front of the exit sensor to get out.

As a safety measure, the automatic door opener will have sensors to detect any obstructions, so there is no risk of it closing on anyone who might have lingered in the doorway for too long.

Automatic Door Operator Installation

A simultaneous installation of the door, operator, and access control system is ideal. The automatic door opener needs inbuilt controls to work with the access control system, so it can sequence its operation in the right order. Integration of the two is relatively straightforward and simply means coordination of the signaling between them. Nevertheless, it will require professional expertise.

You may need a locksmith, an electrician, and help from a representative of the access control system provider who can manage the project. The first thing to do is to check the dimensions and specifically the available space between the door frame and the ceiling. For most openers, you'll need a minimum of 6 inches to mount it above the door, although in difficult cases there are other options.

You'll also need to be sure your commercial automatic door opener is the right fit for the width of the doorway. This isn't something you need to worry about yourself because the locksmith will know exactly what's required.

Where does the electrician come in? It's essential to get the correct electrical source and voltage. A typical automatic door opener requires a 120VAC direct power source. This needs to be wired by a qualified electrician to ensure it is completely safe. All the electrical wiring should be concealed in either the walls or the door frames.

An access control system-operated automatic door opener is a great investment if you're unsatisfied with the security concerns associated with a conventional door.



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